Monday, February 17, 2020

Promoting Ethical Behavior and Diversity on a Company Essay

Promoting Ethical Behavior and Diversity on a Company - Essay Example The company also does follow-ups on its performance on ethical issues in the countries it operates. Swedish culture is of less power distance implying that the society expects power to be decentralized. Skanska is developing their culture based on minimal power distance. The company CEO says that he depends on his team for the company success. On the case of masculinity as a dimension, Swedish society is more feminine that masculine, which implies that the society expects equality in management issues. Skanska CEO admits in the interview that he likes to involve individuals and want people to challenge him as he challenges them back. The trait of the management style of the CEO depicts a manager who is trying quite hard to promote equality in all the decisions and matters of the company just the same way Swedish culture dictates. Additionally, Karlstrom is a CEO, who avoids uncertainty at all cost. In the opening of the interview, he refers to a crisis that happened in 1997 concerning Skanska. He asserts that his team does not want the company to find itself in such uncertainty ag ain. The CEO is thus managing Skanska in the line of the Swedish culture that is a highly uncertainty avoidance society. Furthermore, the CEO says that Skanska creates a collective business environment that supports the success of the company and employees as well. In fact, the spirit is in line with the Swedish culture that promotes high institution

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