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Bandura and Effective Classroom Management

Albert Bandura’s Social Learning Theory focuses on how a person is able to gain knowledge within a social context, wherein he learns from what is in his environment, along with the people around him. In this concept, it considers that people or groups of people are able to learn from each other through various ways like observational learning, imitation, modeling, and more. With this idea, Bandura shows that the environment is a great teacher, wherein it gives the people the information or the knowledge that could be the basis of their character formation.The theory of social learning is follows several principles. One is that people is able to acquire learning through observation of the behavior of other people, along with the results of those behavior. They don’t have to actually experience the situation some people are in so that they will learn. They could just look, observe and analyze other people’s actions and the outcomes of those actions. For example, a student may not have to be in a situation where he crosses the street and be bumped by a car because he didn’t look on both sides.A teacher or a facilitator could tell him that he should look both sides before crossing to avoid accidents. Another is when the child learns from what his parents do, since they are the ones directly close to the child. Also, learning can occur without expecting any change or development in the behavior of a person. This is in contrast to what is believed by the other theorists, the behaviorists. They believe that learning requires to be represented by permanent change in a person’s behavior, which was strongly opposed by the social learning theorists saying that learning may or may not result to behavior changes.Cognition is also an important aspect to consider as it is related to learning of human beings. Social learning theory is more on the cognitive aspect of learning. The behavior that people shows are their reactions towards reinforc ements and punishments posed by their actions. Concept of Reciprocal Determinism Albert Bandura was also able to relate the environment and behavior when it comes to learning. This is what he called as reciprocal determinism: the concept where the world and a person’s behavior come into terms and causes each other.He believed that a person’s behavior is an aspect that is able to influence and is influencing the person’s personal factors and also his environment (Bandura & Stanford University, 1978). The relationship is shown by the diagram below: Bandura’s idea was that a person’s behavior may be effectively conditioned in relation to the consequences that he experiences. It mold’s that person’s thinking, thus resulting to the behavior that he exhibits. He also associates it with the person’s environment, wherein this person’s behavior can have an impact on his environment.The same relationship can be seen when it comes to the personal factors like one’s skills or attitudes and behaviors or the environment, wherein each of these can directly or indirectly affect each other. Putting this concept of reciprocal determinism on a classroom setting, this can be illustrated by how a child acts out in school. The situations is that the child doesn’t want to go to class, that is why his actions in his class shows it. He is not interested in the lessons, and is indifferent towards his classmates.Because of this action, the teachers and administrators would develop as certain dislike on having the child around, since he acts like he doesn’t want to be in school. Looking clearly at the situation, the dislike that was developed by the teachers was all caused by the child himself. When the child is confronted, he would say that he actually hates school, and that the people in the scool hate him also. Thus, this situation leads to the child acting inappropriately, which also forces the teache rs and administrators to develop a dislike of the child to create an environment which is different compared to that of other children.This environment is more restrictive in nature, thus leaving the child to feel differently. Both the behavioral factor and the factors coming from his environment corresponds with the child that’s why it leads to the continuous cycle of the personal factors, the environment, and the child’s behavior. With the concept of determinism at hand, the teachers and administrators could then further improve the management of their class. They are able to understand better why some students tend to be indifferent in their outlook of going to school.Some students may hate going to school, but this shouldn’t be a reason for the teachers and administrators to hate the students also. They should be the ones to adjust and be considerate of the student’s situation. They should further encourage them to go to school rather than hating or d isliking them because they don’t want to attend class. These people could devise a teaching program for these students to make them enjoy going to class, thus changing the perspective of the children who hate school (Wong, Wong, & Mensah LL, 1983).Observational LearningThe bobo doll studies. One of the primary experiments of the observational learning concept of Albert Bandura was with the bobo doll – an inflatable balloon figure the size of a small person with a weight at the bottom in order for it to bounce back when it is hit or knocked down. The experiment Bandura did was to first film a woman beating a bobo doll; punching it as hard as she could as it bobs back and forth while shouting â€Å"sockeroo! † After it was filmed, it was then show to a class of kindergarten students who seemed to like it a lot.After that they were let out to play, wherein the play room has a bobo doll and a few toy hammers. It was then observed that children imitated the young lad y in the film, beating the bobo doll and shouting â€Å"sockeroo! † for no reason. They were doing everything that the lady did in the film without being told to do so or without the thought of a reward. This experiment may not be as extensive as other researches would be, but still, it showed a lot for Bandura to establish the concept of the observational learning or modeling, thus this theory was then known as the social learning theory.He afterwards made modifications on the experiment, varying factors, adding more variables, even changing the bobo doll with a live clown, thus getting the same or related results. He added rewards or punishments and other factors on that would register and affect the children’s reactions. With all these variations, he gathered all the necessary information which led him to various steps involved in the observational learning process. The observational learning process Attention. According to Albert Bandura, the first and foremost ste p in the observational learning process is the attention step.This is where the learners should put in mind that they have to focus in order to learn. They have to be paying attention so that they will be able to learn anything new. Anything that may hinder or be deterrent to the learner’s attention would probably decrease their learning, thus slowing the observational learning process. This includes various feelings of uneasiness like being sleepy, groggy, drugged, sick, or even when you are feeling â€Å"hyper. † Other stimulus that may catch the learner’s attention could also mean learning less.On the positive aspect, something that could catch attention which is integrated in the learning model would greatly induce the observational learning process. This includes various physical attributes of the model, like the color and shape, wherein something that could be appealing to the learner may get them more interested in the learning process. Applying this to t he classroom setting, if the attention step is properly assimilated by the teachers and facilitators, and then they would be assured that it would hasten the student’s learning. First of all, the teachers should consider the learning environment.They should make sure that there are no external factors that could compete for the attention of the students. The classroom should be conducive for learning, like there are no unnecessary noises in the area, or there are no objects that may attract the students and lure them away from the lessons, like unrelated posters or materials placed inside the room. The students themselves should be attentive, focusing their attention only to the lesson being taught. The teachers should encourage the children to have a good night’s sleep so that they won’t turn up sleepy in class.They should discourage going to class while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. They should not encourage them to go to class when they’re s ick, since it doesn’t make them attentive or prepared for any lesson, since they’re not feeling well. The teachers themselves should look presentable when showing up in class; the students would tend to focus more attention to what is being taught if it appeals to their senses. But teachers should not overdo it, since there is a tendency that the students would tend to focus more on the teacher rather than what is being taught. Retention.After paying attention, Bandura emphasized that the learners should be able to retain what they have learned and paid attention to. The best way for this is to be done is through the use of imagery and language: forming mental images by means of verbal descriptions. Retention is important so that the learners would be able to â€Å"store† the information that they have learned for future use. When these are stored, the learner could then be able to bring up the learning by remembering the image or the description, thus making it useful if they want to reproduce it with their own behavior.In the classroom setting, this is useful so that the students will be able to store the amount of information necessary for the learning process. This is with the help of the teachers or facilitators, wherein they are the once who encourage or induce the retention of what was learned by the students. The teachers are encouraged to use verbal description of a certain topic or concept so that the students could further visualize what is being taught to them. The teachers and facilitators could also utilize various visual aids so that the students will have a mental image of what they are being taught.It is easier for them to further remember this whenever they need to reproduce the same behavior for their future usage. Reproduction. For Bandura, reproduction is the actual application of what was learned by the learners. For the observational learning process to be fruitful, the learners should be able to translate what they have retained into actual behavior. Putting in an actual classroom setting, teachers should encourage their students to apply what they have learned in the practical situations. The teachers and facilitators should devise activities that would require the application of what they have learned from class.These could be outdoor activities like training camps wherein the students are given hands-on application of what they have learned in lessons like first-aid applications and other practical skill usage. This would induce the actual observational learning process, wherein they themselves could copy what they saw and observed from others and be able to apply what they have retained from the lessons in class. Motivation. The final step that Bandura gave was about motivation. This is the final part, wherein you are encouraging the application of what was learned in the observational learning process.This is by giving the learner a reason to do so. Motivation may come in both positive an d negative forms. The positive motivators include past reinforcements, promised reinforcements, and vicarious reinforcements. These things does not necessarily cause learning, instead it causes us to demonstrate what we have learned. Another form is the negative motivations, wherein they give the learners a reason not to imitate a certain model that they see from other situations. This includes past punishments, promised punishments or threats, and vicarious punishments.But for Bandura, these punishments which are forms of negative motivations doest not work well as compared to that of reinforcement. Instead, these punishments could possibly disrupt learning when they backfire or result into something different (Sheppard, 2006). Applying this in a classroom situation, teachers and facilitators may use this to encourage the students to perform according to what was taught to them. They are encouraged to imitate or reproduce a certain behavior by providing motivators. This includes pl us points in their grades if they have don’t have any records of absences or doesn’t come to class late.Punishment doesn’t promise much of a result, instead, the students may tend to hate the teachers or facilitators for doing so. That is the part when the negative motivators backfire instead of inducing the observational learning process. Summary Albert Bandura’s Social Cognitive Theory or observational learning theory encompasses various concepts in the process of learning for people. It does not only relate the person’s environment to a person’s behavior, it also emphasizes on the importance of observational learning to fruitful management of classrooms.Through this, Bandura is able to stress on how strongly the person’s behavior is attached to what is happening in his environment, thus various conditions may be taken so that learning could occur. It is a helpful tool for the teachers because it does not only encompass the understa nding of lessons; it also tackles on the application of what the students have learned. This strengthens the students’ knowledge, making him a better person because of everything that he has learned from school.

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Socratic Seminar Questions Tkam

Period 6 Nieto Socratic Seminar Questions TKAM1) Discuss Atticus’s parenting style. What is his relationship to his children like? How does he seek to instill conscience in them? a. Atticus is a wise man, committed to justice and equality, and his parenting style is based on fostering these virtues in his children—he even encourages Jem and Scout to call him â€Å"Atticus† so that they can interact on terms as equal as possible. Throughout the novel, Atticus works to develop Scout’s and Jem’s respective consciences, through both teaching, as when he tells Scout to put herself in a person’s shoes before she judges them. 2) Analyze the trial scene and its relationship to the rest of the novel. b. To Kill a Mockingbird explores the questions of innocence and harsh experience, good and evil, from several different angles. Tom Robinson’s trial explores these ideas by examining the evil of racial prejudice, its ability to poison an otherwise admirable Southern town and destroy an innocent man, and its effect on young Jem and Scout. 3) Discuss the author’s portrayal of the black community and the characters of Calpurnia and Tom Robinson. Are they realistic or idealized? c. The black community in Maycomb is quite idealized, especially in the scenes at the black church and in the â€Å"colored balcony† during the trial. Lee’s portrayal of the black community isn’t unrealistic or unbelievable; it is important to point out, however, that she emphasizes all of the good qualities of the community without ever pointing out any of the bad ones. The black community is shown to be loving, affectionate, welcoming, pious, honest, hardworking, and close-knit. Calpurnia and Tom, members of this community, possess remarkable dignity and moral courage. 4) Explain why Jem crys when the hole in the tree is filled with cement? d. Boo Radley uses the knothole in the tree to leave gifts for Jem and his sister Scout. This is his only way to connect with them as he keeps himself isolated in the house. Seeing Mr Radley fill the hole with cement is like filling in the hole between their two worlds and Jem is sad to lose this link. 5) When is Scout first exposed to â€Å"the real world† of racism and inequality? e. Chapter 10 when Cecil Jacobs talks about niggers and when she gets in the fight with fransis 6) Although Atticus did not want his children in court, he defends Jem's right to know what has happened. Explain, in your own words, Atticus's reasons for this f. Atticus feels that the adults have made the world the way that it is and the children have to learn to live in that world. They can’t hide from it and need to be exposed to it as early as possible. 7) Miss Maudie tells Jem that â€Å"things are never as bad as they seem. † What reasons does she give for this view? g. She names all of the people who helped Tom Robinson, such as the black community, Atticus, and Judge Taylor. 8) Why does Bob Ewell feel so angry with Atticus? Do you think his threat is a real one, and how might he try to â€Å"get† Atticus? h. He feels Atticus made him look bad in front of the entire town. This threat was meant to get a reaction from Atticus; however, Atticus just kept his head up. 9) What do you think of Atticus's reaction to Bob Ewell's challenge? Should he have ignored Bob, retaliated or done something else? i. He did the right thing by walking away. Bob was looking for a fight and Atticus wouldn’t give it to him. 10) What does Atticus tell Scout about why the jury took so long to convict Tom? j. He tells her that a Cunningham was on the jury and didn’t want to convict. The jury actually had to think about the conviction before they did it because the case was based on purely circumstantial evidence. 11) Why does Aunt Alexandra accept that the Cunninghams may be good but are not â€Å"our kind of folks†? Do you think that people should mix only with others of the same social class? k. She tells Scout that they are not people that the Finch family should associate with because they are lower class. People should be able to socialize with whoever they want, even if they are in a different social class. 12) Compare the reactions of Miss Maudie and the other ladies when Scout says she is wearing her â€Å"britches† under her dress. l. Miss Maudie takes Scout seriously and only laughs at Scout when she intends to be funny. The other ladies choose to make fun of Scout. 13) How, in this chapter, do we see Aunt Alexandra in a new light? How does Miss Maudie support her? m. Aunt Alexandra shows concern for Atticus and Tom. Miss Maudie gives her a pep talk and gets her to go back to the meeting. 14) Explain the contrast Scout draws between the court where Tom was tried and â€Å"the secret courts of men's hearts†. In what way are hearts like courts? n. In a true court of law everyone should receive a fair trial, but people’s hearts are not dictated by law; they are dictated by feeling. 15) In her lesson on Hitler, Miss Gates says that â€Å"we (American people) don't believe in persecuting anyone†. What seems odd to the reader about this claim? o. The town just persecuted a black man for being black. He was convicted and sentenced to death with no real evidence.

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Applying Critical Thinking

INTRODUCTION On 12th August 2010, the Governor of Illinois notified the Federal State Employee Trade Union (FSEU) Region 343. This is aimed at outsourcing the information system management function of the Ministry of Transportation (DoT) and privatizing it. Monday 20) In response, Mr. Padilla, FSEU's 343th President, urged Glenn of Human Resources at FSEU to rate the notice. The memo of August 20, 2010 includes Mr.. The purpose of this paper is to outline the fundamentals of critical thinking and the importance of understanding how we develop and apply critical thought power. This article describes the benefits of applying critical thinking skills as a systematic approach to the 21st century workplace. The basis of critical thinking can be traced back to Greek philosopher Socrates who lived between 469 BC and 399 BC. The center of critical thinking of the Socratic method is the process of using open-ended questions, which helps to infer and clarify inference (American Management Asso ciation, 2001). Its strength lies in helping people slow their thoughts and allow them to observe, evaluate and improve their thoughts. The Socratic method is based on the assumption that everything has logic that can be found through question and thought (AMA, 2001). There are three aspects to help people develop critical thinking: a way to become a facilitator of the process, a way to nurture a critical position that will always lead people to use critical thinking. Problems and problems Please check the self-worth of the learner. Critical thinking is intellectual exercise, but it is also a matter of confidence and courage. Learners must confidently believe that authority figures and established beliefs may be wrong and challenge them. The counselor needs to raise self-esteem by confirming that the learner's opinion is important and respectful. Applying Critical Thinking INTRODUCTION On 12th August 2010, the Governor of Illinois notified the Federal State Employee Trade Union (FSEU) Region 343. This is aimed at outsourcing the information system management function of the Ministry of Transportation (DoT) and privatizing it. Monday 20) In response, Mr. Padilla, FSEU's 343th President, urged Glenn of Human Resources at FSEU to rate the notice. The memo of August 20, 2010 includes Mr.. The purpose of this paper is to outline the fundamentals of critical thinking and the importance of understanding how we develop and apply critical thought power. This article describes the benefits of applying critical thinking skills as a systematic approach to the 21st century workplace. The basis of critical thinking can be traced back to Greek philosopher Socrates who lived between 469 BC and 399 BC. The center of critical thinking of the Socratic method is the process of using open-ended questions, which helps to infer and clarify inference (American Management Asso ciation, 2001). Its strength lies in helping people slow their thoughts and allow them to observe, evaluate and improve their thoughts. The Socratic method is based on the assumption that everything has logic that can be found through question and thought (AMA, 2001). There are three aspects to help people develop critical thinking: a way to become a facilitator of the process, a way to nurture a critical position that will always lead people to use critical thinking. Problems and problems Please check the self-worth of the learner. Critical thinking is intellectual exercise, but it is also a matter of confidence and courage. Learners must confidently believe that authority figures and established beliefs may be wrong and challenge them. The counselor needs to raise self-esteem by confirming that the learner's opinion is important and respectful. Applying Critical Thinking INTRODUCTION On 12th August 2010, the Governor of Illinois notified the Federal State Employee Trade Union (FSEU) Region 343. This is aimed at outsourcing the information system management function of the Ministry of Transportation (DoT) and privatizing it. Monday 20) In response, Mr. Padilla, FSEU's 343th President, urged Glenn of Human Resources at FSEU to rate the notice. The memo of August 20, 2010 includes Mr.. The purpose of this paper is to outline the fundamentals of critical thinking and the importance of understanding how we develop and apply critical thought power. This article describes the benefits of applying critical thinking skills as a systematic approach to the 21st century workplace. The basis of critical thinking can be traced back to Greek philosopher Socrates who lived between 469 BC and 399 BC. The center of critical thinking of the Socratic method is the process of using open-ended questions, which helps to infer and clarify inference (American Management Asso ciation, 2001). Its strength lies in helping people slow their thoughts and allow them to observe, evaluate and improve their thoughts. The Socratic method is based on the assumption that everything has logic that can be found through question and thought (AMA, 2001). There are three aspects to help people develop critical thinking: a way to become a facilitator of the process, a way to nurture a critical position that will always lead people to use critical thinking. Problems and problems Please check the self-worth of the learner. Critical thinking is intellectual exercise, but it is also a matter of confidence and courage. Learners must confidently believe that authority figures and established beliefs may be wrong and challenge them. The counselor needs to raise self-esteem by confirming that the learner's opinion is important and respectful.

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The use of emotions during communication Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

The use of emotions during communication - Essay Example Moving on, it is important to comprehend here that emotion-usage is increasing with the interaction amongst people who hail from different cultural backgrounds and settings. This adds to the value of communication methodologies that are adopted amongst the individuals. Hence the need to have a proper mechanism of communication in place is apparent with the changing times because people feel the need to converse with each other and therefore make their point clear in a very lucid way. People use emotions in order to get their point across to a larger set of audience. This is because they feel that by using emotions, they would be able to make their voice apparent and hence their message would be taken more seriously. The element of genuineness and authenticity seems to be the main premise behind displaying emotions in any communication medium. What is even more important is the fact that communication becomes very complete and comprehensive when emotions are embedded in them. Furthermore, there is a need to decipher the exact role of emotions being at the helm of understanding the communication mechanisms within any interactive exercise. This suggests that those people who lack the proper usage of emotions within their peculiar styles of communicating with a large crowd are usually the ones who are taken in a non-serious way. Their genuineness seems to take a big blow just because they are unable to make use of their body language, their nonverbal cues, their usage of hands, body parts and so on (Lapin 2004). When people use emotions to make their point clear, the audience that is listening to them understands the need for the emotional usage which is indeed further boosting the spoken word within a speech. This speech is indeed important for communicating the message from the sender down to the receiver’s end. The use of emotions within any communication mechanism would indeed bring in the much needed sanity that one is looking for. If the speakers

The effect of protein structure and function on protein evolution Essay

The effect of protein structure and function on protein evolution - Essay Example Distinctions where made for the description and categorization of changes within protein lineages to identify Orthologous and Paralogous change, with immunoglobulin as an example.Literature review is conducted concerning the most pertinent theories of rates of protein mutation down through geologic history. Areas where mutations are more likely and less likely are both discussed. Theories concerning the activity and origin of early proteins are discussed in addition to the relationship between ancient peptide chains and self-catalytic RNA that may have given rise to Earth's proteomes. Theories of the formation of the first ribosomes from coallescing RNA fragments is described, and the co-evolution between the early information systems of the pre-cellular world, and the beginnings of functional proteins. Stanley Miller and his experiment are explained in addition to earlier attempts to account for the origin of life. Oparin's theories of complex coacervation are compared to the Miller -Urey amino-acid synthesis apparatus.The physical construction of the experimental chamber for the Miller experiment is illustrated, and the implications are described in detail. The theory of duplication and subsequent mutation is explained as the prevailing hypothesis for the generation of large functional proteins and families of proteins, as well as providing a means for the conservation of a pre-existing beneficial function. The process of protein folding is described, as well as the distinction between two- and multi-step proteins for the purpose of assembly into final conformation. Lastly, the most important tools are described for the direct physical analysis of protein structure - X-ray Crystallography and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Imaging. Contributions to the structural understanding of biomolecules are mentioned, including the discovery of Rosalind Franklin, and her work on determining the crystalline structure of DNA. A solid experimental and theoretical basis confirms the structure, function,evolution, and construction of proteins within the cell. Additional work is necessary for such issues as amino-acid chirality, as it pertains to the origin of life,and more experimental support is needed for the early evolution of proteins. A collection of the most relevant protein structural elements is included. 1 - Homology of homology. Similarities exist in the studies of putative patterns in evolutionary theory, whether the Investigator studies subjects at the organismal level, or the molecular. Principles of convergent,and divergent evolution exist in both scales. Patterns inherent to protein evolution can be shown to follow discrete principles not dissimilar to some of those found in the zoological studies at the organismal level. When studying the universe of possible protein configurations, it seems plausible that the total number of sequences allowable is theoretically infinite.1 Originally, it is theorized that the first truly functional proteins arose as supportive cofactors for the replication and catalytic function of RNA pre-cellular systems, as RNA is the only know information-transmitting biomolecule that possesses its own catalytic abilities. 2 The breadth of protein potential creates a pressing need for an understanding of the patterns of sequence and structural evolution. Intense study has gone towards the illumination of relationships peptide combinations and diversity may reveal across the web of life on Earth. Several methodologies have arisen in recent decades to both categorize and detect

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Human prompting behavior research paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Human prompting behavior research paper - Essay Example Human behavior is exhibited throughout a person’s lifetime and is impacted with certain traits that people have. Factors that determine human behavior include heredity, social norms, culture, religion, and attitude. Except for heredity, the other factors can altered through effective prompt processes to ensure that people demonstrate the desired behaviors. Human resource training is a critical component of organizational prosperity. Sitzmann and Ely focused their research on the effects of prompting self-regulation on regulatory processes, learning, and attrition. The authors defined prompting self-regulation as asking trainees reflective questions with the aim of stimulating their self-regulatory engagement during the learning process (Sitzmann and Ely 132). Reflective questioning implies taking some information gathered previously and using it in answering the question at hand. Reflective practice enables trainees to pay critical attention to practical values and theories through reflexive examination of human actions. Polaha, Amanda and Rachael argue that reflective practice is the most common tool applied in practice-based professional learning contexts where trainees learn from professional experience (336). Sitzmann and Ely concluded that continuously prompting self-regulation had the greatest effect on learning and attrition (140). This is because trainees applied the principles of reflective practice in their learning processes, leading to increased learning. Prompting behavior, however, did not significantly increase the self-regulatory activity. The subsequent modules were characterized by moderate self-regulatory activity and attrition. Continuously prompted trainees tend to continue with the training even if their performance is low. Thus, prompted trainees continue to apply other strategies to enhance their performance in learning, which helps them to remain engaged

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Community and Citizenship Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Community and Citizenship - Essay Example The latter is mainly about how the elements of capitalism and urban living have transformed the dynamics of the community from the solid communal relationship to a mere arena of exchanges that promote the interests of individuals. The traditional community becomes the more interesting of the two and we can see this as Robyn Ferrel narrated a rural Australian experience. In the narrative, there was the European attempt in establishing settlements and, consequently, in building new communities in an unchartered land. Such experience is characterized by several elements that are fundamental in several other discourses such as in understanding utopia, democracy and citizenship. From both of the pieces, Community and Pinjarra 1970, one finds that communities evolve. It does not follow, however, that when change occurs, the very concept of community is threatened to be eliminated. There is the lesson of history to remind us of the significance of the past and the traditions that holds soci ety together. Topic 2: Communitarian Identity In reading Mark Reinhardt and Seyla Banhabib’s works, it is easy to understand how communitarian identity is seen as the ideological opposition to the liberal identity.

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Social Media Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Social Media - Research Paper Example The content of the posts on the social media account also adds to the success of the channel of advertising. They should be enjoyable, clear, and informative to the audience not only on the product and sales but also on other aspects. Quotes and jokes are included in the posts to ensure that they are interesting; hence, they attract maximum followers. Being relevant and current is also an important component of social media advertising. Content is frequently updated to ensure that it makes sense mainly depending on the audience. Additionally, it reduces the risk of monotony that not only leads to reduced followers but also loss of the potential buyers to consume the product (Evans, & Mckee, 2010).. Conciliation- When using this method to solve a dispute, the third party gives offers on the solution that vary depending on the variables of the conflict. Law provisions are considered in conciliation (Wankel, Marovich, & Stanaityte, 2010). The best method of resolving customer disputes occurring from purchases from social media provided business links should be negotiation. This is because it offers the best for both parties after negotiating the most favorable terms. The method also ensures that the solution will enhance a stronger bond between social media and business. The federal government can best control the transactions on social media by regulating the number of viewers of the social media posts. Federal government regulates and monitors the number of viewers the sales will also be regulated. The government also introduces policies, rules and procedures to be followed by the firms that use the social media for advertising and selling of either goods or services. The three main branches of government are the executive, judiciary, and the legislature. Making laws is the main function of the legislature (Lathrop, & Ruma, 2010).

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Hofstede Analysis ( Mexico) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Hofstede Analysis ( Mexico) - Essay Example It is, therefore important to make a comparison between one culture and another. This paper describes the culture of Mexico by using Hofstede’s five primary dimensions that include power distance, individualism, uncertainty avoidance, career success/quality of life, and long term/short term dimensions. Power distance refers to the extent to which the less powerful members of organizations or institutions within a given nation anticipate and accept that power is unequally distributed (Harorimana 28). This dimension focuses on the fact that all people in all societies are not equal. It, therefore, analyses the attitude of culture with reference to these inequalities amongst us. Using this dimension, Mexico score is 81 while US score is 40, and this means that it is a hierarchical society (Hofstede & Hofstede 142). With hierarchical structure, it means that Mexicans accept hierarchical order where everyone has a place, which also requires no further justification. Hierarchy within an organization or an institution is perceived to reflect that centralization is popular, inherent qualities exist, and the subordinates are expected to receive orders from their employers, which they should not defy at all costs (Lee Y et. al. 106). Any foreign investor planning to venture into Mexican mar kets should expect that various interferences will characterize daily running of their businesses from the Mexican authorities. This dimension majorly focuses on addressing the extent to which interdependence a society maintains among its people (Harorimana 28). It deals with issues such as whether individual’s self-image is defined in terms of â€Å"We† or â€Å"I†. People living in individualist societies are expected to look after themselves and their families only (Harorimana 28). On the contrary, people living in collectivist societies are supposed to depend on groups, which take care of them in exchange for commitment

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Interview Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 6

Interview - Essay Example To begin with, her school, being all female offered all kinds of sports activities. These included but were not limited to swimming, basketball, volleyball, badminton, tennis, track and field, and Karate. Needless to say, almost all of the students participated in the school sanctioned sports activities. However, while some of them did it just for want of an activity to do after classes, there were those who took the sports seriously. These were the women who were considered â€Å"jocks† on campus and who sometimes found their sexuality called into question due to their diligence and dedication to their training programs. During her era, most of the women would go to the nearby soda shops and restaurants for a snack with their friends in order to unwind after a long day of classes. This is where the rest of the plans for their day were usually created. More often than not, this get together would continue either at a classmates house or at a nearby shopping area where they would look at entertainment magazines or see a movie. During her era, my interviewees favorite activity was going to the movies. She had always been a fan of Hollywood films and seeing those films helped her learn about the country and culture of the country that, unknown to her at the time, she would one day call her home. The 70s was the era of consciousness for the people in her country. For women of her age, sexual encounters were done but not spoken about openly for fear of social repercussion. There was a double standard of morality existing at that time for women. While men could openly discuss having sex with various women, women who engaged in sex needed to do it secretly and always with just one partner or else she would be deemed a woman of tremendously loose morals if word ever got out. Since my interviewees favorite activity when she was younger was going to the movies, she has been able to continue that activity of hers to this very day. Although

Boeing Essay Example for Free

Boeing Essay Vision People working together as one global company for aerospace leadership Boeing- The future of flight. Mission To be the number one aerospace company in the world and among the premier industrial concerns in terms of quality, profitability and growth Objectives To achieve the above goals and fulfil Boeing’s mission, the following objectives will guide company: †¢ Continuous improvements in quality of products and processes: Our commitment to steady, long-term improvement in our products and processes is the cornerstone of our business strategy. To achieve this objective, we must work to continuously improve the overall quality of our design, manufacturing, administrative, and support organizations. †¢ A highly skilled and motivated workforce: Our most important resource is our human resource: the people who design and build our products and service our customers. Given the right combination of skills, training, communications, environment, and leadership, we believe our employees will achieve the needed gains in productivity and quality to meet our goals. †¢ Capable and focused management To employ our technical and human resources with optimum efficiency, we must ensure that managers are carefully selected, appropriately trained, and work together to achieve our long-range goals. †¢ Technical excellence In a world of fast-challenging technology, we can only remain competitive by continuously refining and expanding our technical capability. †¢ Financial strength The high-risk, cyclical nature of our business demands a strong financial base. We must retain the capital resources to meet our current commitments and make substantial investments to develop new products and new technology for the future. This objective also requires contingency planning and control to ensure the company is not overextended should a severe economic downturn occur the plan period. †¢ Commitment to integrity Integrity, in the broadest sense, must pervade our actions in all relationships, including those with our customers, suppliers, and each other. This is a commitment to uncompromising values and conduct. It includes compliance with all laws and regulations. Boeing- Airbus market share The rivalry between these giants, the only manufacturers of large medium or long-range passenger aircraft, has today reached epic proportions. Airbus overtook Boeing five years ago to be number one, mostly through the success of its medium capacity long-haul Airbus A-330 and its shorter-range variations such as the A-340. This market share pie-chart of the two head to head competitors-Boeing and Airbus shows that Airbus is leading at the moment. Even though the number of orders is higher with Airbus in 2004 but the total revenues of Boeing is still much higher than that of Airbus. This is due to the fact that Boeing gains profit from other activities such as military aerospace, defence, and space businesses. With the launch of Airbus A380, the market share in the coming year will have slightly a change which is better for Airbus. However, Boeing will be able to regain its market share thanks to the new model of 7E7, Dreamliner and making the competition more aggressive.

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Eighteenth Century Literature Essay Example for Free

Eighteenth Century Literature Essay At the start of the Eighteenth Century Literature the literary pieces focus on rational and scientific views on all aspects of life be it economic, social, political and religious. The period heralded the Age of Enlightenment which was the thought much prevalent of the day. The writers sought to determine universal principles on humanity, nature, and society. The eighteenth-century literate reflected this quest. Written pieces around this time attacked various spiritual and scientific authority, dogmatism, intolerance, censorship, and economic and social restraints. Thus we can see in Thomas Grays Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard expressedly deals with the social issues prevalent during their time particularly the wide gap between social class and the opportunity to attain greatness. These lines in the poem captured these views: â€Å"Let not Ambition mock their useful toil, Their homely joys, and destiny obscure; Nor Grandeur hear with a disdainful smile The short and simple annals of the Poor. † Look more:  the importance of being earnest satire Grays tone throughout the poem is filled with regret. One can sense that something important is lost. This emotional tone captures the injustices that exist in the society due to wealth. He was actually voicing his opinions clearly against social class prejudices that was apparent during that period. In Jonathan Swift’s A Modest Proposal also tackled the social ills during his time. This satirical essay used allusions to English oppressive attitudes toward the Irish. This is apparent in these lines I grant this food may be somewhat dear, and therefore very proper for Landlords, who as they have already devoured most of the Parents, seem to have the best Title to the Children. He also pointed out criticisms on England on the way it mistreated Ireland: For this kind of commodity will not bear exportation, and flesh being of too tender a consistence, to admit a long continuance in salt, although perhaps I could name a country, which would be glad to eat up our whole nation without it. At first glance, the poem appeared to be criticisms heaped on England. But upon closer inspection one can also sense that Swift was expressing his sentiments on the conditions in Ireland, more specifically the can-do spirit of the times that pervaded the community which misled people into thinking that they can cure all social and economic ills specifically fix population and labor issues. Swift’s Modest Proposal talked about a burlesque of projects concerning the poor, that were considered fashionable in the early 18th century. Eighteenth Century Literature is characterized by extreme rationalism and skepticism which gave rise to deism or the belief in the existence of God which became the main theme in the succeeding era of Romanticism. This era is considered as the Age of Sensibility which of course clased with the ideals of the Middle Ages. Towards the end of the period, an intensifying focus on instinct and feeling instead of judgment and restraint was noted paving the way for the Romantic Literature. Romantic Literature During the period of Romanticism, industrialization was introduced. Steam engine was developed and this caused expansion of cities and a number of migrants leaving the countryside. Poor people flocked to the city. Issues such as class-conflicts and concerns on environmental pollution were prevalent. This developments in the era prompted the poets and the writers to seek solace in the beauty of nature. Thus, in most of their literary works we can see the universal theme of Mother Nature being the true cause of wisdome and the antidote to industrialization. Philosophers particularly Jean Jacques Rousseau tackled pertinent issues such as the supremacy or dominance of nature over civilization. A group of poets called Lake Poets from England espoused this philosophical view. Lake Poets comprised of a group of friends such as William Wordsworth and Samuel Taylor Coleridge. The work of these two poets reflect their sentiments perfectly. These Romantic Poets utilized emotions and reflections in their poets to get their message across. Wordsworth’s `I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud`and Coleridge’s `The Eolian Harp` reflected their thoughts about nature and how much they value it. â€Å"I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud by Wordsworth is about the beauty of nature and the need for introspection. This is best captured in the last lines of the poem: â€Å"For oft, when on my couch I lie In vacant or in pensive mood, They flash upon that inward eye Which is the bliss of solitude; And then my heart with pleasure fills, And dances with the daffodils. † Nature after all is best understood and appreciated in solitude. Solitude here however does not mean loneliness but inner peace or tranquility which is the by-product of being in commune with the natural order. Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s `The Eolian Harp` also tackles the beauty that nature brings. The Eolian Harp is a stringed instrument which produces music when placed in an open window allowing breeze to pass over it. The eolian harp was often used by poets in the Romantic period to represent creativity. Just like Wordsworth’s poem, it sought to cope with pensiveness and nature as the solution or cure for this pensiveness as apparent in the first lines of the poem: â€Å"My pensive SARA ! thy soft cheek reclined Thus on mine arm, most soothing sweet it is To sit beside our Cot, our Cot oergrown With white-flowerd Jasmin, and the broad-leavd Myrtle† Coleridge and Wordsworth, however, have different versions of romanticism. Coleridge wanted to make the paranormal real or believable. Wordsworth’s idea of romanticism is to stir the imagination of readers using real characters. Victorian Literature During the Victorian Era (1837 – 1901), novels and poems were no longer written mainly to please the aristocratic few but to make an impression and cater to the tastes of the much larger middle class. The novels were also getting wider acceptance around this time. In this era, romantic images of the past were extolled. The writers use everyday language and combine it with classical and traditional language to symbolize the ushering of modernity in the Victorian period. At that period, the economy was developing, the nobility was gaining less prominence, and the class structures were vanishing. There is a expressed need for Victorian poets to find a voice that would capture the essence of their time and place. Rudyyard, Kipling ` Danny Deever` attempts to portray the inner turmoils of a man about to be executed. The poem is about military execution parade with Danny Deever. What makes you look so white, so white? said Files-on-Parade. Im dreadin what Ive got to watch, the Colour-Sergeant said. For theyre hangin Danny Deever, you can hear the Dead March play, The regiments in ollow square theyre hangin him to-day; Danny is to be executed by hanging because he killed a fellow soldier while he was asleep. One can sense the concerns of the soldier. Another important poet in the Victorian Era is William Ernest Henley who wrote â€Å"Invictus. † His poems were largely based on his personal reflections of his life and his situation being an amputee who suffered tuberculosis of the bone. â€Å"In the fell clutch of circumstance I have not winced nor cried aloud. Under the bludgeonings of chance My head is bloody, but unbowd. † The common theme that ran through the poems is about struggles in life. Danny Deever struggled with his work as a soldier and in Invictus, struggles against disease was obvious. Literature in Victorian era is largely characterized as certain, conservative and objective. Writers in this area had learned to live with realities plaguing them be it social, economic and religious. Certainty in both poems come in the form of death and struggles. The views during this literary period were predominantly conservative especially when it came to social perspectives. The upheavals the people experienced during the romantic era had died down in the Victorian era. Much of the poets’ works around this time served to link and prepared writers as they paved way for the modern era. The literary pieces around this time also tended to reminiscing the past particularly the stories in the classical literature and the medieval literature of England. The Victorians cherised the the heroism, chivalry and nobility of the knights in the past and hoped to recapture that behavior in their period.

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The Impact Of Technology On Family Communication Media Essay

The Impact Of Technology On Family Communication Media Essay There is no doubt about it-the way we communicate with our family members today has changed dramatically in recent years. Just a decade ago, text messaging, blogging, and emails were not methods of family communication. Today, they are widely used by families around the world. For example, parents use text messages to remind children of their curfews. Children send emails to their parents to give them their Christmas lists. College students use Web cameras to say good night to their family member who live hundreds of miles away. These are just a few of the many ways in which technology has changed the way families communicate with one another in todays modern world. Some people say that technology is impacting families in a negative way. For example, instead of playing games or eating dinner together, more and more families are instead turning on the television, using the computer, and constantly text messaging on their phones. Some people believe that families are ditching the real world in favor of the cyber world. Other people argue that technology is essential to good family communication in todays society. As parents and children have different agendas and interests, the widespread use of cell phones and the Internet help them stay in touch and communicate regularly. Does Technology Improve Family Communication? A new study by the Pew Internet and American Life Project (2008) suggests that technology improves communication among families. The study revealed that technology, such as cell phones and email, seems to be helping create a new connectedness within families, as family members communicate with each other every day via cell phone, texts, and emails. The survey showed that 70 percent of couples in which both partners have cell phones contact each at least once a day just to say hello and 64 percent contact each other to make plans. In addition, 42 percent of parents call their children at least once a day using a cell phone. The majority of study participants reported that technology has either helped their communication with other family members or made no difference. Few said technology has worsened communication in their families. Still, the poll showed that technology could have negative effects, as well. Families with many communication devices were less likely than other groups to eat dinner together daily and to feel satisfied that they spent enough time as a family. However, researchers said the heaviest technology users were also those with the heaviest work schedules, which is likely to contribute to these negative reports. According to the study (Pew Internet and American Life Project, 2008, p.20), Todays married couples use a variety of tools-landline phones, cell phones, instant messaging, and email-to manage their schedules and stay connected with each other throughout the day. The adoption of cell phones is a particularly important component of the way todays families stay in touch and coordinate their lives together. Couples communicate frequently just to say hello and chat (28 percent of couples do this several times a day, and an additional 36 percent do so at least once a day) and also to coordinate daily schedules (20 percent do this several times a day, and 39 percent do so at least once a day). However, many also communicate regularly for weightier reasons: discussing important matters and planning future events. The Families Commission Blue Skies Fund recently published a different report, titled New Communication Technologies and Family Life (Weatherall and Ramsay, 2006), which looked at how technology, such as computers and mobile phones, is shaping family life and how families are shaping the use of technology. The twelve participants in the study overwhelmingly felt that Internet access can improve communication between family members. Families that are geographically separated are especially helped by technology. However, participants felt that there needed to be more family and public discussion about the opportunities and dangers new communications technology brings. For example, parents need to teach their children how to stay safe online, they said. New technologies, especially those that utilize the Internet, create many new opportunities for communicating with family and friends. The Internet also offers many new avenues for social interaction through social networking sites, online support groups, and chat rooms. Many families find email and chat rooms useful for keeping in touch with family members who live far away or even for keeping better tabs on those who live nearby. But can technology replace face-to-face time? Most experts say no. When it comes to communicating feelings and attitudes, human beings use more than just words. They also use physical gestures, tone of voice, and body language to express themselves (Fitzpatrick, 2008). These are all important elements of communication. Therefore, some people argue that, if you do not regularly communicate face-to-face with family members, you may miss important signs that they are sad, frustrated, or depressed. Still, others argue that technology does not replace face-to-face interaction. Rather, it complements it. In response to concerns that technology isolates and pulls people apart, the Pew study (2008) found the opposite. It revealed that couples use their phones to connect and coordinate their lives, especially if they have children at home (p. 14). American spouses often go their separate ways during the day but remain connected by cell phones and to some extent by Internet communications. When they return home, they often have shared moments of exploration and entertainment on the Internet. Tools help parents keep kids safe online The article, Tools help parents keep kids safe online, suggest valuable information regarding parents monitoring their children. Theres also a way for parents to monitor video games online. Facebook is a site where children are at risk. The author mentions a Family Safety Center page called Facebook is a social place for families and friends and how important it is too know what your children are doing without violating their privacy. Software developers are focusing on Facebook as their project in finding ways to keep it safe for children (Gallaga, 2011). Gallaga remarks on MinorMonitoring as being a new way for parents to check out Facebook interactions from their child. MinorMonitoring look for signs of cyber bullying or other kinds of misconduct on Facebook. Such monitoring could give out a red flag and alert parents if internet predators are showing up on Facebook. MinorMonitoring is in the process of being a tool for e-mail in the near future as well as for other networks. (Gallaga, 2011). Bridging Distance Gaps For families that live far away from one another, technology helps them connect. Many families live far apart and do not see each other on a regular basis. Even when families live under the same roof, it can be challenging to find the time to eat dinner together or sit down to chat. Todays technologies make it easy to communicate, some people believe that they create interruptions to family time and make it easy to avoid face-to-face time. Communication is extremely important between family members, especially when some of them live far away. For this reason, todays technological advances are very helpful to families with busy schedules or widely spread families. Chinese Radio International (2008) provides an example of how families use technology to improve communication. When 70-year-old Li Zhenming and his wife, who live in eastern China, celebrated a Chinese holiday in 2008, they received greetings on their mobile phone from their daughter who lives in Shanghai and chatted on video with their son who lives in Demark. Before computers were widely used, the family relied on letters as their primary form of communication, which meant that several days passed before they received communication from one another. However, once the family invested in computers and webcams, their communication improved dramatically. Seeing them via the webcam assured me they were doing fine, said Zhenming. Now, I dont worry anymore. Young kids and computers a balancing act Sue McAllister commentates on how monitoring children while they are online is vital. I cant help but be in disbelief on how young a child is when accessing a computer. According to the author, is a site for children to play online games. Ellen Wartella comments on how parents find computers as a useful tool but there should be a balance between interacting with friends and playing outside, read a book and do their school work. In addition, the author remarks on how a lot of kids are going past the two-hour point watching TV, playing on the computer, using handheld devices. Furthermore, McAllister acknowledges on how the computer should be out in the open not in a childs room so parents could keep an eye on their child. This would also encourage children to ask questions. (McAllsiter, 2011). Technology Fosters Independence Russell Hampton, president of the Walt Disney Companys childrens book and magazine publishing unit, recently told a reporter a story that exemplifies just how big the text messaging trend is (Holson, 2008) and also shows how technology can help children feel more independence. His daughter Katie and her friends were sitting in the back seat of his car and he saw his daughter sending a text message on her cell phone. He told her she was being rude to her friends by texting when they were spending time with her. But, Dad, were texting each other, she replied with a harrumph. I just dont want you to hear what Im saying. Hamptons story shows how young people use personal technological devices like cell phones to create social circles apart from their families, changing the way they communicate with their parents. New Opportunities to Keep Tabs on Family Members Throughout history, innovation has sparked societal changes and has changed the dynamics of families for years (Holson, 2008). Telephones created a private and easy way for children to communicate with others. Automobiles created a way for children to go on dates far from watchful chaperones. And the computer, along with the Internet, allows children to live virtual lives separate from their parents and other family members. Experts believe that mobile devices will further accelerate these trends (Holson, 2008). By 2010, 81 percent of Americans between the ages of 5 to 24 will own a cellphone, up from 53 percent in 2005, according to IDC, a research company that tracks technology and consumer research. For this reason, companies are now marketing mobile devices to very young audiences. Firefly Mobile introduced the glowPhone for preschool children, which has a small keypad with two speed-dial buttons depicting an image of a mother and a father. For many parents, having the ability to reach their children whenever they want is a benefit that outweighs the negative aspects of the mobile technology trends (Holson, 2008). Many parents live in different cities or states than they children do, for reasons such as divorce or kids going off to college. Such parents are especially grateful to have a way to reach their children, anytime, anywhere. And most children feel the same way. In an article, Ben Blanton, a college student, said that he enjoys the ability to text his parents when it suits him (Holson, 2008). Texting is in between calling and sending and e-mail, he said. Due to text messaging, he does not need to worry about writing letters. Its too time consuming, he said. You have to go to the post office. Instead, I can sit and watch television and send a text, which is the same thing. Some experts, such as Anita Gurian, a clinical psychologist, are concerned that the prevalence of mobile communications, may cause people to become more alienated from those closest to them-their family members (Holson, 2008). Cellphones demand parental involvement of a different kind, she said. Kids can do a lot of things in front of their parents without them knowing. In a survey released 18 months ago, ATT found that among 1,175 parents the company interviewed, nearly half learned how to text-message from their children (Holson, 2008). More than 60 percent of parents agreed that it helped them communicate, but that sometimes children didnt want to hear their voice at all. When asked if their children wanted a call or a text message requesting that they be home by curfew, for instance, 58 percent of parents said their children preferred a text. Improving Family-School Relationships A study by the Harvard Research Project (Bouffard, 2008) revealed that technology positively impacts families because it promotes more meaningful and frequent communication between families and schools. According to researchers, many families and teachers now use email and websites to communicate. According to the report (Bouffard, 2008): Internet-based communication methods, including email, websites, and newer social networking technologies such as blogs, present new opportunities for family-school communication. These technologies may reduce scheduling barriers that pose challenges to traditional forms of family-school communication, can convey information to multiple families at once, and can efficiently share and archive information about student progress, school policies and assignments, tips for family involvement, and other topics. However, the report cautions that this new type of communication presents new challenges to families and schools, as well. Websites and email contact can be difficult for schools to maintain, may intimidate some families, and lack visual and nonverbal cues (e.g., tone of voice or body language), according to the report (Bouffard, 2008). Most significantly, many families do not have access to Internet technology. The studys findings suggest that technology offers many new opportunities for promoting family-school communication. It is especially beneficial during adolescence, a time when family involvement tends to decline. The Internet in particular may represent an opportunity to maintain or even increase communication between schools and families of adolescents. Digital home technologies and transformation of households. Alladi Venkatesh, author for Digital home technologies and transformation of households explains how a household is changing because of a growing technology. Also new words in our technology are expanding. The PC was out and about in the 1980s and families had to slowly adjust to the ever going technology. When internet connection was available for the first time it changed the way families communicated with each other. When mobile phones and other wireless forms of communication came about technology has found infinite ways to advance. Families are trying to keep up with technology. As our technology grows our household appliances makes it easier and much more convenient for a family to operate. Now, in this day of age you have options to select cable or satellite instead of black and white TV. Technology is changing the typical household family, in hopes for a stronger connection. (Venkatesh, A., 2008). Table 1 Home as Living Space. Venkatesh, A. (2008). Digital home technologies and transformation of households. In a 2006 study by Yahoo, the majority of participants said that email, instant messaging and mobile devices brought families closer together, whether they be siblings living in different countries or parents of moody teenagers (China Daily, 2006). A lot of mums said they had surly teenagers who wont talk to them in person, said one researcher (China Daily, 2006). But over IM (instant messaging) they have much more dialogue than they ever would face-to-face. More than half of those surveyed said that without computer technology, they would not be able to stay in touch with their family members. They also said that the Internet helped children overcome shyness and being a homework aid for school children. The studies examined in this research paper suggest that technology has improved family communications for most. While there are some pitfalls to the increased reliance on technology, researchers believe that communication problems stem from other sources, rather than technology. One cannot deny how dependent our society has become on electronic communication devices. The predominance of computers, text messaging, PDAs, cell phones, video conferencing, web camera, and other devices all demonstrated that people are communicating more than even with each, and that most of that communication is taking place using technology. In conclusion, technology appears to be an excellent way to communicate with family members. However, it may be important to create guidelines to help ensure that adequate face-to-face communications take place, as well. For example, there are certain situations in which face-to-face communications are important. If someone is delivering bad news, such as the death of a family member, text messaging may not be the right medium in which to deliver the news. In addition, when discussing confidential information, it is important to respect the privacy of others and putting something private out in cyberspace is not the best way to do this. Face-to-face communication would likely work best in these situations because the communicator can use all of his or her communicating skills in the delivery of the message, making it more personal and less likely to come across as insensitive. In summary, families have a lot to gain from modern technology that allows us to interact virtually and instantly with family members. Without technology such as cell phones, email, text messaging, and blogs, we would have a more difficult time connecting with nearby and long-distance family members on a regular basis.   However, while technology supports maintaining relationships, it should not replace face-to-face communication. In order to fully connect with family members, it is important to see them in person regularly.     

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The Wizord Of Oz Symbolizing The Gilded Age :: essays research papers

The story ( The Wonder World of OZ ) written by Frank Baum is filled with symbolism. Symbolism a style of writing using symbols and indirect suggestion to express ideas, emotions, people etc. The story gives a lot of symbols relating to the gilded age in American history which took place from 1880– 1900. The main symbols are: Dorothy, the Land of Oz, lion, Emerald City, flying monkeys. The first person the story talks about in the story is Dorothy. She’s a girl that comes form Kansas and was carried by a tornado. In the story when the reader first meet Dorothy he finds out that she is very curios, and straight forward. Dorothy in the story represents the average farmers in Kansas. On the other hand the tornado represents the change that has come up on farmers â€Å" The Industrial Age.† Therefore the story creates a comparison between Dorothy and her new challenge getting back home and the farmer’s industrialization problem and fall of crop prices. The Land of Oz was a whole new area, which acted like a whole new country. I had it’s own system. Dorothy was scared of it she didn’t know the laws and how the people acted. To me I think The Land of Oz symbolizes the Western US. That is because the Western US’s lacking of power and it has no voice, they only follow the east. The Land of Oz is closely related to the Western US due to the fact that they are only under the wizard’s rule and that the people have no voice. The munchkins organize themselves in order for them to get rid of the witch. And so did the westerners they created Alliances so they can get rid of problems much faster and much easier. The loin in the story has no courage and is seeking courage form the wizard in order for him to be the king of the jungle. He tries to scare people or even hurt them but he cant. The lion creates a direct comparison with William J. Bryant. This is because when William Bryant tried to solve the problem that was going on in the US Treasury by improving the treasury with free gold. Both the lion succeeds in protecting his forest and so does Bryant by receiving a higher rank in office, and becoming more popular. Another straight comparison is Emerald City.

The Jovian Planets Essay -- essays research papers

The Jovian Planets Far beyond Earth in the solar nebula lies an ice belt and beyond that lay the four Jovian planets. They are Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. Jovian means "Jupiter- like" in which the rest of the jovian planets do coincide with the name. Uranus Neptune and Saturn, all carry the same traits as Jupiter. The jovian planets are large gas giants that contain mainly a thick atmosphere of Hydrogen and helium. These planets do not have solid surfaces, rather they just get denser with depth. They contain high mass and are usually anywhere from 15 to 318 times the mass of earth. They also contain many satellites and the gravity is much stronger than that of earth. The jovian planets inner structure probably consists of a rocky core of metals, water, ammonia and methane. Usually these cores are about the same size as earth possibly a little larger. It is also possible that Uranus and Neptune’s core is a liquid instead of a solid. The Jovian planets also have about the s ame rotational characteristics and all have rings around them. Jupiter, the first of the jovian planets, reigns supreme throughout the solar system. Named after the Roman god Jove, the ruler of Olympus; Jupiter is the fifth planet from the sun and is also the largest planet in the Earth’s solar system. It is 318 times more massive than Earth and is two thirds of the planetary mass in the solar system. Jupiter’s surface, unlike earth, is gaseous and not a solid. It is about 90% hydrogen and 10% helium with traces of methane, ammonia, water and rock. Jupiter’s interior is very similar to the Sun’s interior but with a far lower temperature. However, it is still unknown but Jupiter is believed to have a core of liquid metallic hydrogen. This exotic element can only be achieved at pressure greater than 4 million bars. Jupiter radiates more energy in space than it receives from the sun. The interior of Jupiter is hot and has been estimated to be 20000 degrees Kelvin. The heat is generated by the Kelvin- Hemholtz mechanism, or the gravitational compression of a planet. It gives off about 1.5 to 2 times more energy than the sun. It is speculated that the source of this heat is due to the rapid rotation of the planet and it’s liquid metallic hydrogen core. Liquid Metallic hydrogen consists mainly of ionized protons and electrons and is the electric... ... tidal forces, which caused nitro gas volcanoes on it’s surface. Different from the terrestrial planets, the Jovian planets are basically big balls of gas. The jovian planets seemed to be formed around the same time from the solar nebula. Jupiter and Saturn are the closest in nature to each other with Neptune and Uranus taking on a few of their traits. They all carry the same characteristics in their Classification. The Jovian planets are composed mainly of helium and hydrogen. They have a liquid or small rocky core. They are usually high in mass and low in density. They have many satellites and the gravity is much stronger than Earth’s. They also all share the same banding and zoning winds. With these characteristics defined with each description given it is easy to see how the planets, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune are Jovian or "Jupiter - like". Bibliographies Seeds, Michael A., Foundations of Astronomy; copyright 1994, Wadsworth inc. Considine, Douglas M. ; Van Nostrands Scientific Encyclopedia, volume eight; Copyright 1995, Van Nostrand Rienholdt, NY Maran, Stephen P. , The Astronomy and Astrophysics Encyclopedia, Copyright 1992, Van Nostrand Rienholdt, NY

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Analysis of Burns Poem A Red, Red Rose :: Burn Red Red Rose Essays

Analysis of Burn's Poem A Red, Red Rose 'A Red, Red Rose', was first published in 1794 in A Selection of Scots Songs, edited by Peter Urbani. Written in ballad stanzas, the verse - read today as a poem – pieces together conventional ideas and images of love in a way that transcends the "low" or non-literary sources from which the poem is drawn. In it, the speaker compares his love first with a blooming rose in spring and then with a melody "sweetly play'd in tune." If these similes seem the typical fodder for love-song lyricists, the second and third stanzas introduce the subtler and more complex implications of time. In trying to quantify his feelings - and in searching for the perfect metaphor to describe the "eternal" nature of his love - the speaker inevitably comes up against love's greatest limitation, "the sands o' life." This image of the hour-glass forces the reader to reassess of the poem's first and loveliest image: A "red, red rose" is itself an object of an hour, "newly sprung" only "in June" and afterw ard subject to the decay of time. This treatment of time and beauty predicts the work of the later Romantic poets, who took Burns's work as an important influence. 'A Red, Red Rose' is written in four four-line stanzas, or quatrains, consisting of alternating tetrameter and trimeter lines. This means that the first and third lines of each stanza have four stressed syllables, or beats, while the second and fourth lines have three stressed syllables. Quatrains written in this manner are called ballad stanzas. The ballad is a old form of verse adapted for singing or recitation, originating in the days when most poetry existed in spoken rather than written form. The typical subject matter of most ballads reflects folk themes important to common people: love, courage, the mysterious, and the supernatural. Though the ballad is generally rich in musical qualities such as rhythm and repetition, it often portrays both ideas and feelings in overwrought but simplistic terms. The dominant meter of the ballad stanza is iambic, which means the poem's lines are constructed in two-syllable segments, called iambs, in which the first syllable is unstressed and the second is stressed. As an example of iambic meter, consider the following line from the poem with the stresses indicated: That's sweet / ly play'd / in tune.

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First Communion Toast Essay

Ladies and Gentlemen, It is a real pleasure to have you all here to share and celebrate in this very important occasion of her life, the FHC of our darling Anishka D’ Souza. I feel privileged to be the uncle of such a lively and smart child Anishka. Anishka has waited a long time for this day. Today is one day Anishka will cherish and remember for the rest of her life. It is a day when we all celebrate Anishka’s commitment to our Catholic Faith in the presence of those who care most about her. So let us congratulate Anishka on this very special day, when she has received our Lord for the first time in communion and let us wish her all happiness in her Catholic life from this day forward. Ladies and gentlemen, please rise and raise your glasses to join us in toasting to Anishka. Dear Anishka, from the bottom of the hearts of all who are present here and those who could not make it and those who are not here to make it, especially your late abba Oswald, Aunty Rosemarie, Uncle Arun who are joining this graceful occasion and sending their blessings upon you from heaven: For Your First Holy Communion, dear Anishka May God grant you always, A sunbeam to warm you A moonbeam to charm you A sheltering angel so nothing can harm you Laughter to cheer you Faithful friends to surround you loving parents to protect you And when you pray, Heavens listen to you. We love you, Anishka! God bless you mightily. A whole new world unfolds before you from this day on. Let the faith in your heart, always be your guide. Congratulations on the most sacred of new beginnings

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Expository Essay: Body Image Essay

Most women could agree that it rotter be rather frustrating and sometimes rocky to find the entire clothes for that unadulterated adapted. Oftentimes m either women may waying at they see fat in their disrobe tight jeans, or do non bring beautiful, sculptural legs to wear those turn oute short shorts during the summer months. somewhat women may have some limited p summariseing they would handle to conceal, whereas others may insufficiency the extra padding. There be specialized carcass types for all women, and when people preserve to body types they may refer to a pear shaped body that entails getting a slender uterine cervix, narrow shoulders, petty bust line, a shapely waist, and charitable lower hips and full t superiors. Some women may have a round figure, which may feature them a giving bust, stuffed back, generous middle, narrow hips, and slender legs (which m both women may wonder to have). In whatsoever case, many plus sized women locution c onflict concerning selecting clothes however, in that location atomic number 18 legion(predicate) options that empennage flatter any body type.Accentuating AssetsFor those women who know they have a grand set of lifelike, voluptuous breasts, consider that cleavage is a much much tasteful and yet sexy appearance to go thence movement outing to demonstrate full breast for the world to see. Instead, show wearing a slinky halter neck dress or shirt to decamp modestly over breasts and show sour any curves. in addition investing in a rise up fitted bra go forth to a fault friend in accentuating those brilliant beauties. At hand, there argon interminable women with amazingly shaped, long, slender legs and many women with nice, verbalise weaponry. A charr with long, shapely legs could be wearing preceding(prenominal) the kneeskirts or short shorts. Women with the nice t aned, muscular arms should probe wearing more vain shirts or dresses to show come to those shapel y toned muscles.For women who wait to have that surplusage skin under the arms, elbow grease opting for a shirt with fitted sleeves just above the jostle to military service minimize any swag they may not indigence seen. Women be continually stressful to centering continuously on hiding what they do not want to be seen. However, instead of disciplineing to focus on hiding what they do not like about their body, they should try to focus on what they do like most and in turn the percipient lead focus more on the positives rather than the negatives. Remember, focusing more on showing off the goods allow start the audience in trying to focus on any flaws a char muliebrity is trying to cover up.Jeans and PantsIt is confessedly for some women that the pants or jeans they bargain for just do not look or feel right ontheir body. Do they feel they make them look larger than they ar? What if these pants or jeans make them look sluicetide slimmer then they want to look? The re are numerous diverse carriages of jeans and pants that resulting look amazing on any figure. For women who worry about their waistline, peradventure try pants that sit low on the hips, which exit economic aid to slenderize the inconvenience battlefield. Slacks that sit just below the naval will make a muliebritys midriff seem longer and more slender, according to a contri exclusivelyor at (http// a char is trying to hide thighs, saddlebags, or a big nurturey, she should try opting for a reasonably flared or boot-cut style jean or pant. This type of style will in turn help draw anxiety away from those problem areas. According to hunt (2011), another marvelous idea to help hide those unwanted thunder thighs try a pair of skinny jeans with a tailored blazer, a longer shirt, and high heels. Flat-front pants and a side or back zipper can help flatter the figure. For those women trying to hide the pot area, try to keep off pockets and tight pant s, for they will only draw that unwanted care to the midsection.Dresses and SkirtsSome women believe they are distaff and sophisticated in a nice mensesing dress whether it is a exciting formal gown to something as undecomposable as just a tramp virtually. However, it can be sometimes gruelling to find that perfect dress or skirt that will look perfect on a woman and pull in to her body type. A woman can never go wrong with an A-line cut dress. According to a endorser from (, these styles flow naturally over the stomach and hips, and will draw attention to the waist at the smallest part. When sounding for glamorous gownslook for a dress that flows with the natural curves of the body. Falcon (2011) says that soak up necks, sweetheart cuts, and even off-the-shoulder are especially flattering. A woman who may be on the heavier side should try to stay away from gowns that could leave her looking plump, so instead stay with thicker lie fabrics (example would be a stretch satin) that will help in concealing those plain ripples.Angie (2008) suggests that for women who want to conceal their stomach area more could lean toward a printed roll up dress, which helps in defining the waistline enchantment the print camouflages the stomach area. Many women conflict with below the waistline areas like the hips and thighs. Women can solve this by looking for dresses that develop volume on the bottom. Pencil style and bias-cut skirts are frowned upon slightly for any woman and her body type. These styles tend to cling to the body more and emphasize those areas she does not want noticed.Colors and PatternsNot only do the right clothes make a difference, barely simulationise and patterns can constitute a big role as well. If a woman is wide around the middle she may want to avoid any horizontal striping on clothing. Wide horizontal striping is a huge NO for wide pass judgment women Vertical stripes are wide-reducing friendly, and they also eges t off a more professional look as well. However, maybe there are women who need or want to look a undersize wider? That is satisfactory and by all meaning horizontal stripes could be their better friend. However, try not to overdo it or get too carried away. Less is more. Also pin stripes and tunics give off an attractive lengthening look to a womans body.As outlying(prenominal) as colors are concerned, even though black is the number one choice incolor for slimming the body, it certainly does not have to be the last. embellish tone colors like garnet, cobalt, and even plum are groovy colors to experiment with. Women can even try colors like navy blue, burgundy, or even a dark brown. A splash of color can help lively up any individuals mood. However, if black is her favorite color try dressing it up a bit with a nice aslant blame, jewelry, or even a great pair of billet (Falcon, 2011).AccessoriesMany women love to accessorize. Accessorizing the garbs should be fun for e veryone and are the nett finishing touches to a great corps de ballet. However, there are women that like the frank look, so if they are not into accessorizing, a simple pair of earrings of their choice or a necklace can help to simplify their ensemble. quite a few women like the belt look and, will use that as an accessory. The secret to wearing belts is to wear them above a womans natural waistline according to Falcon (2011). cannon high belts can make an ensemble look good. Scarves seem to be a trimy new look for a woman dressing casual or if she is going for a more soignee style. Wool scarves are best indistinct in winter, while cotton scarves with sheeny colors are well accommodate for the spring and summer. Silk scarves are very exotic and can add some cultivation to any dress. Beautiful, bright, and exotic silk and linen scarves will not only liven up any wardrobe, but add that summer-blooming euphoria to a womans personality.A womans shoes are her very core alr ight maybe not her core but close to it. She should always finish an outfit with a great pair of shoes. proud heels are nice in that they elongate, do a woman look taller and leaner. uncivil toed shoes can give those thighs and calves a slimmer look than wearing a closed toe shoe that would give off the opposite illusion. Women should avoid ankle straps if their legs are already slim. However, for those women who want to add a fuller appearance, ankle straps are their friends. When concerning wearing boots, the knee-high boots, or boots that slip away just below the knee have become a popular trend for short skirts according to a contributor from (http// Whatever the style shoe or boot a woman should be sure the shoe or boot is promiscuous for her and emphasizewhat she wants to accentuate the most.In all, a woman should have fun experimenting. Women can mix and match to casing any kind of ensemble. A woman can even come up with her own styles that better suit her and how comfortable she feels wearing what she chooses. Remember, there are numerous styles out there that will fit any body style, whether a woman has a pear shaped body, hourglass, or even round. It is just a question of living happy and confident not only on the inside but on the outside as well that will really grab a persons attention.ReferencesFalcon, A. (Copyright 2011). Fashion How Tos Plus-Size No- Nos Busted How to Wear chancy olfactions.http// to Dress to Make Yourself Look Skinnier Anonymous. (Last edited December 28, 2010). http//, V. (Copyright 1999-2011). How to Wear vestments That Make You Look Slimmer. http// J. R. (Updated September 28, 2009). 10 Tips to Looking More Slender. http//

Cross Dressing

ill-tempered change is considered matchless of smart sets abnormal vagarys because of sterile gender roles. Stereotypical gender roles are stated as, biologic females are effeminate and biological males are virile. Cross fertilisation does non represent the gender detail roles in which work force and wo workforce are suppose to follow. The idea of workforce and wo workforce acting and dressing like their foe end up is un subscribe toable to the pragmatism that they face. The movie The doll Cage supports the idea that societys uninspired consumes on click dressing remains unchanged. ordination is non understanding of what is considered different from the normal. The stereotype that manpower are masculine and women are feminine is not the reality of gender versus sex. In Sexual Mythologies by Brian Pronger, he states that Sex is a physiological billet that is drawn between male and female, whereas gender is a cultural distinction that divides power between men and women. (226) This represents the misconception that men are masculine and women are feminine. In reality gender is developed by cultural influence, and sex is genetic.In the movie The red cent Cage, Albert is natural a male, but chooses to become feminine, and so suggesting that men do not have to be masculine just because genetics say so. Cross dressing is defined as men who dress feminine and women who dress masculine, although society reacts more to men dressing as women as opposed to women dressing as men. Women dressing as men can be considered a tomboy which is common in society, whereas men dressing as women would be considered homosexual or transsexual. why is it that women can wear mens wearable, but men cannot wear womens clothing?Society larns dresses as a representation of muliebrity and men are suppose to be masculine, and thitherfore men cannot wear dresses. Although heave are before worn only by men, but because of changes in time shorts are considere d unisexual. For instance, a adult female walking down the street in pants plenty probably do not tied(p) notice that she is wearing pants. But if a small-arm walks down the street in a dress, tribes eyes volition turn and they will begin whispering. Why should a man be looked at any differently in simile to any woman?In the movie The Bird Cage, the society of South Beach is not a stereotypical norm. There are many homosexual and sink in dressers within the city, and it is not considered abnormal. Armand and Albert are royal owners of a club that presents a nightly pulling show. Their son, Val, is engaged to Senator Keeleys daughter, Barbara. Val wants both families to meet, but the Keeley family does not know that Vals parents are homosexual and swan a drag show. Senator Keeley is a conservative man, and chastely does not support homosexuals. Senator Keeley represents the stereotypical views of society.Armand makes a not bad(predicate) point about how society feels ab out homosexuals and cross dressers. Albert, these people are right-wing conservatives. They dont guard if youre a pig, they just care if youre a fag This quote represents the views of society about homosexual people or cross dressers. Armand pretends to be a straight man by showing how masculine he is by expression Al, you old son of a bitch How ya doin? How do you feel about that call today? I mean the Dolphins Fourth-and-three play on their 30 honey oil line with only 34 seconds to go This shows that stereotypically men are suppose to be masculine and a sport that represents masculinity is football. Society has remained unchanged in their views about cross dressing because they choose to see and believe only what they want to see and hear. Why is it that a woman can wear pants? Back in the 19th century women were not allowed anything else except a dress. Society can accept this change because of the influence of time and the boldness of women. In The Bird Cage, Louise Keeley (the senators wife) makes a great grammatical case of how society only perceives what it wants to perceive. Why, it looks like young men playing leapfrog Is it Greek? In reality Louise Keeley is look at a piece of china with pornographic pictures of young men. Louise Keeley does not see what is genuinely there because she blinds herself in order to shield herself from what is considered immoral and in a sense horrible. Society excessively tries to hide and shield themselves from situations that they do not like, such as homosexuals, homeless people, cross dressers, etc. provided because society wants to blind itself, does not mean that these people do not exist.Cross dressing is viewed as wrong in the eyes of a stereotypical society. Biological men and women are supposed to be masculine and feminine respectively. Cross dressing is not considered a norm in society. This idea is seen done the movie The Bird Cage. In reality sex does not unsex gender, as represented by Brian Pronger in Sexual Mythologies. Therefore sex cannot determine gender, but society will always view what it wants to see. Unless society can learn to accept people for who they are and what they wear, then we will have a truly have a society where there are no stereotypes.

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Community Health Partnerships Essay

awaitntial subprogramition cordial separates of either sizing whose members reside in a precise locality, administer government, and a great(p) deal convey a b wholepark ethnical and historical heritage. A complaisant, religious, occupational, or separate pigeonholing overlap familiar characteristics or please and perceived or perceiving itself as obvious in nearlywhat regard from the largerr sight of magnitude in spite of appearance which it experience ( Stanhope & Lancaster, 2012). conjunction intimatelyness Refers to the soundness place of a outlined group of stack, or comp any(prenominal), and the actions and conditions that entertain and better the wellness of the familiarity.Those genius-on-ones who sterilise up a fraternity come through in a somewhat localised plain chthonian the comparable general regulations, norms, values, and organizations. For example, the wellness view of the quite a little dungeon in a special(pr enominal) town, and the actions taken to defend and amend the wellness of these residents would found company wellness (Green & Ottoson, 1999). ). in alliance wellness is the group meeting of incorporated needs by identifying problems and managing behaviors deep down the corporation itself and amid the alliance and the larger family (Stanhope & Lancaster, 2012). confederacy as guest The ideal of biotic federation of entertains as thickening is establish on the premise that residential district c ar for coif is conjunction oriented, hold backk organic potpourri for the strong residential district. The union is a customer precisely when the nursing digest is on the corporal of normal p individuallyy of the tribe alter native Australianly of on individual health (Stanhope & Lancaster, 2012). confederacy health Partnerships defines as spontaneous collaborations of various severicipation organizations, which sacrifice join forces in ord er to dog a shargon aff publicise in better corporation health. federation wellness Partnerships disagree from tralatitious union organizations in their mixing of creation and plastered members and they part from browse root organizations with their comprehension of nonuple constituents and stakeh olds. (McKenzie & Smeltzer, 1997) get connection members take over a vested interest in the conquest of efforts to advance the health of their friendship. couch union members who argon recognized as conjunction snuff iters also hold credibility and skills that health professionals lack. Therefore, thriving strategies for remediatecommunity health moldinessiness accommodate community participatorships as the basic means, or key, for service (Stanhope & Lancaster, 2012).boilersuit touch of move familys community and milieu is an internal suburban bea of newborn York urban center named Hackensack, impertinently Jersey, a metropolis in Bergan r egardy, spick-and-span Jersey. primed(p) 12 mis coupling watt of Midtown Manhattan and active sevensome miles from the George upper-case letter Bridge, from a list of locations, you rat see the smart York urban center skyline. The metropolitan campus of Fairleigh Dickinson University borders the Hackensack River. The metropolis is cognize for a great transformation of similaritys and soil uses animate in actually close propinquity of each some other. in spite of appearance its borders ar a bulky aesculapian center, a chic multistoried district intimately a mile immense, authorized suburban neighborhoods of hit family radicals, grand elderly kins on acre-plus lots, older twain family neighborhoods, large tend apartments complexes, industrial aras, the Bergan Count detain, a tidal river, and Hackensack River County Park. ethnic form and indefensible existences present in the conjunction The racial ante up of the urban center was White, Afri i gnore American, aborigine American, Asian, Pacific Islanders, Hispanic or Latino. My alive(p) family consists of an African American cleaning woman C.R. 68 geezerhood teen whose family blood is African American and Dutch, sh ars a sweet suburban dickens- family home with her fille K. R. who is 48 geezerhood untried and her invigoration sentence partner S. M. who is 30 night club days untested and a native of the British virtuous Islands. It is my discernment from the family that kindred stimulate households atomic number 18 or so surely part of the community as well as motley yokes.The home is very nicely decorated, sp be and the lawsuit are well manicured. The feature that the younger ladies are a analogous wake up couple makes them part of a riskinessous population. I asked if in that location were any prepossess or mechanical press they witness from the neighborhood regarding their lifemodal value? They two responded in that location is no closet or prepossess attribute upon them. I must devote forward the measure I arouse begun to shed with them, talking and detect their behaviors with one another, I arrest to say, in that respect is to a greater extent hit the sack between the two of them than some heterosexual couples give way in their forgetful feel for each other and they are not untune by their life style nor do they efface who they are. They are two well-favored people privileged and out. Aspects of the society that could light upon residents health The operator in the community that could expunge health is the fact that on that point are some industrial areas contact the communities. The chemicals, fumes, and gases that are put into the air of the community and inhaled by all authorizationly could be of danger to the community. The County Jail and the latent of take flight criminals become a nemesis to the community inundate is a potential affright during hurricanes and sto rms. productive and intimate wellness of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender wellness is applicable to the community in that the goal is to assert and mend health and well-being. LGBT individuals perceive all races and ethnicities, religions, and social classes. Eliminating health disparities and enhancing efforts to improve health are demand to checker that LGBT individuals can lead long kempt lives (healthy 2020),REFERENCESGreen, L.W., Ottoson, J. M. (1999). alliance and Population wellness, (8th ed.) capital of Massachusetts WCB/McGraw-Hill McKenzie, J. F., Smeltzer, J.L. (1997). Planning, Implementing and Evaluating health promotional material Programs A primer coat (2nd ed.), capital of Massachusetts Allyn & Bacon. Stanhope, M., Lancaster, J. (2008) (8th ed,). Population-Centered Health carefulness in the Community. St. Louis, MO. http//