Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Cross Dressing

ill-tempered change is considered matchless of smart sets abnormal vagarys because of sterile gender roles. Stereotypical gender roles are stated as, biologic females are effeminate and biological males are virile. Cross fertilisation does non represent the gender detail roles in which work force and wo workforce are suppose to follow. The idea of workforce and wo workforce acting and dressing like their foe end up is un subscribe toable to the pragmatism that they face. The movie The doll Cage supports the idea that societys uninspired consumes on click dressing remains unchanged. ordination is non understanding of what is considered different from the normal. The stereotype that manpower are masculine and women are feminine is not the reality of gender versus sex. In Sexual Mythologies by Brian Pronger, he states that Sex is a physiological billet that is drawn between male and female, whereas gender is a cultural distinction that divides power between men and women. (226) This represents the misconception that men are masculine and women are feminine. In reality gender is developed by cultural influence, and sex is genetic.In the movie The red cent Cage, Albert is natural a male, but chooses to become feminine, and so suggesting that men do not have to be masculine just because genetics say so. Cross dressing is defined as men who dress feminine and women who dress masculine, although society reacts more to men dressing as women as opposed to women dressing as men. Women dressing as men can be considered a tomboy which is common in society, whereas men dressing as women would be considered homosexual or transsexual. why is it that women can wear mens wearable, but men cannot wear womens clothing?Society larns dresses as a representation of muliebrity and men are suppose to be masculine, and thitherfore men cannot wear dresses. Although heave are before worn only by men, but because of changes in time shorts are considere d unisexual. For instance, a adult female walking down the street in pants plenty probably do not tied(p) notice that she is wearing pants. But if a small-arm walks down the street in a dress, tribes eyes volition turn and they will begin whispering. Why should a man be looked at any differently in simile to any woman?In the movie The Bird Cage, the society of South Beach is not a stereotypical norm. There are many homosexual and sink in dressers within the city, and it is not considered abnormal. Armand and Albert are royal owners of a club that presents a nightly pulling show. Their son, Val, is engaged to Senator Keeleys daughter, Barbara. Val wants both families to meet, but the Keeley family does not know that Vals parents are homosexual and swan a drag show. Senator Keeley is a conservative man, and chastely does not support homosexuals. Senator Keeley represents the stereotypical views of society.Armand makes a not bad(predicate) point about how society feels ab out homosexuals and cross dressers. Albert, these people are right-wing conservatives. They dont guard if youre a pig, they just care if youre a fag This quote represents the views of society about homosexual people or cross dressers. Armand pretends to be a straight man by showing how masculine he is by expression Al, you old son of a bitch How ya doin? How do you feel about that call today? I mean the Dolphins Fourth-and-three play on their 30 honey oil line with only 34 seconds to go This shows that stereotypically men are suppose to be masculine and a sport that represents masculinity is football. Society has remained unchanged in their views about cross dressing because they choose to see and believe only what they want to see and hear. Why is it that a woman can wear pants? Back in the 19th century women were not allowed anything else except a dress. Society can accept this change because of the influence of time and the boldness of women. In The Bird Cage, Louise Keeley (the senators wife) makes a great grammatical case of how society only perceives what it wants to perceive. Why, it looks like young men playing leapfrog Is it Greek? In reality Louise Keeley is look at a piece of china with pornographic pictures of young men. Louise Keeley does not see what is genuinely there because she blinds herself in order to shield herself from what is considered immoral and in a sense horrible. Society excessively tries to hide and shield themselves from situations that they do not like, such as homosexuals, homeless people, cross dressers, etc. provided because society wants to blind itself, does not mean that these people do not exist.Cross dressing is viewed as wrong in the eyes of a stereotypical society. Biological men and women are supposed to be masculine and feminine respectively. Cross dressing is not considered a norm in society. This idea is seen done the movie The Bird Cage. In reality sex does not unsex gender, as represented by Brian Pronger in Sexual Mythologies. Therefore sex cannot determine gender, but society will always view what it wants to see. Unless society can learn to accept people for who they are and what they wear, then we will have a truly have a society where there are no stereotypes.

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