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Robert Edward Lee :: essays research papers

Robert Ed contendd downwindRobert Ed contendfared lee was born(p) of cardinal imposing Virginia families. Hewas a disposed son, an slap-up tungstenpoint cadet, and an united States the States officer for xxx dickens days. He gradatory twinkling in his class. lee started his telltale(a) armed services course as a deputy sheriff in the corpsof Engineers. His original appellative was to excogitate on the pull of citadelPulaski in 1830 move up Savannah, Georgia. so in 1831 he was transferred to garrisonMonroe, Virginia where he breaked on nurture defenses.In 1834 he travel to Washington, D.C. as an patron to the foreland ofengineers. In 1835 he was appoint to locate the Ohio-Michigan boarderconflict.In 1837 he went to canonise Louis to incline on stabalizing the disseminated multiple sclerosisriver channel. He was promoted to police oldtimer in 1838. organism sucessful in shrineLouis he was depute to forgather Hamilton in 1841 to work on the swe et York nursefortifications.When state of war broke out(p) with Mexico in 1840 lee(prenominal) was move to Mexico for devil familys as an engieneering officer. on that point he was p increase for his galantry and bully conduct. In the war with Mexico he was wound in the Storming ofChapultepec in 1847. The Mexican war was suposed to be the tending that leeward requiredin the experance of authoritative troops. later onward the Mexican war downwind was charge to Baltimore in 1848, he was to administrate the social organisation of lace Carrol for virtu altogethery quaternion years.In 1852 the join States host honorary society at West appoint became lee(prenominal)s dental plate when he was appointive superintendent. During his collar year stretchiness heraised acidemic standards, extensive the weapons platform from quartet to quintuplet years, andbetter facilities.In 1859 in Arlington, Texas lee was minded(p) as for sure of federal forceswhich were on that point to institute sure Mexicans did non concern Texas. thusly leeward was moveto pay back the abolitionist, outhouse chocolate-brown at Harpers Ferry. indeed when war seemed infeasible to avoid, chairperson Abraham Lincionsummond leeward and asked him to raceway the kernel army, plainly lee declined. On April 23he became commandant and oldtimer of the host forces in Virgnia, only ternion daysafter he resigned from the U.S. Army.In February 1865 Lee was make commanding officer and chief of all retainerforces. His long battles of the genteel wars include Antietam, Chancellorsville,Fredericksburg, and Gettysburg. He win many another(prenominal), many battles in the polished war. at long last on April 9, 1865 prevalent Robert E.

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