Thursday, July 25, 2019

Social Media Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Social Media - Research Paper Example The content of the posts on the social media account also adds to the success of the channel of advertising. They should be enjoyable, clear, and informative to the audience not only on the product and sales but also on other aspects. Quotes and jokes are included in the posts to ensure that they are interesting; hence, they attract maximum followers. Being relevant and current is also an important component of social media advertising. Content is frequently updated to ensure that it makes sense mainly depending on the audience. Additionally, it reduces the risk of monotony that not only leads to reduced followers but also loss of the potential buyers to consume the product (Evans, & Mckee, 2010).. Conciliation- When using this method to solve a dispute, the third party gives offers on the solution that vary depending on the variables of the conflict. Law provisions are considered in conciliation (Wankel, Marovich, & Stanaityte, 2010). The best method of resolving customer disputes occurring from purchases from social media provided business links should be negotiation. This is because it offers the best for both parties after negotiating the most favorable terms. The method also ensures that the solution will enhance a stronger bond between social media and business. The federal government can best control the transactions on social media by regulating the number of viewers of the social media posts. Federal government regulates and monitors the number of viewers the sales will also be regulated. The government also introduces policies, rules and procedures to be followed by the firms that use the social media for advertising and selling of either goods or services. The three main branches of government are the executive, judiciary, and the legislature. Making laws is the main function of the legislature (Lathrop, & Ruma, 2010).

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