Sunday, July 28, 2019

The use of emotions during communication Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

The use of emotions during communication - Essay Example Moving on, it is important to comprehend here that emotion-usage is increasing with the interaction amongst people who hail from different cultural backgrounds and settings. This adds to the value of communication methodologies that are adopted amongst the individuals. Hence the need to have a proper mechanism of communication in place is apparent with the changing times because people feel the need to converse with each other and therefore make their point clear in a very lucid way. People use emotions in order to get their point across to a larger set of audience. This is because they feel that by using emotions, they would be able to make their voice apparent and hence their message would be taken more seriously. The element of genuineness and authenticity seems to be the main premise behind displaying emotions in any communication medium. What is even more important is the fact that communication becomes very complete and comprehensive when emotions are embedded in them. Furthermore, there is a need to decipher the exact role of emotions being at the helm of understanding the communication mechanisms within any interactive exercise. This suggests that those people who lack the proper usage of emotions within their peculiar styles of communicating with a large crowd are usually the ones who are taken in a non-serious way. Their genuineness seems to take a big blow just because they are unable to make use of their body language, their nonverbal cues, their usage of hands, body parts and so on (Lapin 2004). When people use emotions to make their point clear, the audience that is listening to them understands the need for the emotional usage which is indeed further boosting the spoken word within a speech. This speech is indeed important for communicating the message from the sender down to the receiver’s end. The use of emotions within any communication mechanism would indeed bring in the much needed sanity that one is looking for. If the speakers

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