Tuesday, October 15, 2019

A Cops Life Essay Example for Free

A Cops Life Essay I use to dream of being a cop , Its really tempting for most of the kids when they see someone in uniform, zooming through the streets in a cruiser with flashing lights .I always thought that to be cop all it takes is a good built and a brave heart .I am sure even for you A cop is a brave good looking person in uniform who helps to keep the city streets crime free , who makes sure that that the violators of traffic gets a ticket . This story I read was a real eye opener for me and changed my way of thinking about a officers job profile completely . I never thought that the officers go through so much emotional trauma while doing their jobs. These men in black are not only brave physically but very brave mentally as well .It’s not an easy job to see a young kid drenched in blood die in your arms and you are so helpless that you can’t save his life . While the officer is waiting for the ambulance its traumatizing because he could remember that kid from the college basketball game or late night traffic check last week. It does not end for him here; he has to give the message of the young guy’s death to his parents. Imagine coming home, and not having the slightest clue to where your teen is, or has been all night. The doorbell finally rings after waiting and waiting for hours, yet it’s not your son or daughter standing in front of you, it’s a deputy officer. It’s obviously hard on the parents to hear about their child dying in a car accident due to a foolish mistake, but it’s harder for a father of two young kids to break it to them. The writer of this story did a phenomenal job in explaining every little detail of the story. From the curve of the highway, to the position of the dead body. I was able to read a single sentence and picture everything in my head right away because of the unique description. This story has a great moral value, as well as the effects on others because of one choice you might make just for the heck of it. Drunk driving isn’t anyone elses fault, and nobody should have to suffer because of a mistake you made.

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