Saturday, October 5, 2019

Model building Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Model building - Term Paper Example The purpose of this model is to assess the claim and handle the situation appropriately. It involves investigation procedures to unearth the truth so as to make decisive and conclusive actions. The media and citizens’ claims have to be investigated to assess where they registered complaint and whoever was responsible. This calls for an investigation team to assist in the process. The model tries to give answers why the complaints are not heard. The model Purpose The purpose of the model is to study why residents’ complaints have not been heard. In order to get proper answers independent investigation must be done. Complaint handling procedures are specific to organizations, and each organization policies are unique. Public policy for complaint launching and handling is always very clear. The study would put into account how these complaints were registered. As a line area manager, assessment to ensure that the staff gives appropriate concerns in helping complaint handling, investigates and resolves complaints. Constraints Investigation consumes time and it is often costly. On this basis, the model structure must mirror cost effective one and involve a proper time frame within which the purpose of the study is achieved. Policy is clear on how the complaints should be registered for accountability. This leads to assessment on how the complaint was registered (Adorno, 2000).... Independently, this team ensures to retrieve the logs of complaints for the particular period claim is made. This would involve accessing systems without the aid of responsible staff to handle complaints. This is to make sure the investigation is reliable and accurate. The investigation process is to be done within two weeks. The findings are to be evaluated and recommendation given to various departments to facilitate proper actions. Complaint material published by an organization should include a statement of guarantee that a plaintiff will not be victimized or suffer from negative handling because they have made a complaint. In a public sector, the community should not be isolated because of the complaints they raised due to poor service delivered by public sector. Policy The complaint policy approach has to be reassessed to ensure that proper accountability is in place. The time frame stipulated to handle compliant and priority appended to complaints in regards to sensitivity. Co mplaint value assessment is essential, and during the investigation it must be considered so as to verify if complaints are treated according to policy stipulation. It is essential to understand the existing policies so as to gauge the complaint problem. The resident may be claiming that the complaints are not being handled yet policy implementation is in progress. Integration of complaint handling must be properly instituted into policy document. This is a sure way of enhancing accountability within organizations (Reif, & International Ombudsman Institute, 2004). Commitment and responsibility The model helps in analyzing the commitment of staff to

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