Saturday, November 16, 2019

Decision theory Essay Example for Free

Decision theory Essay How could companies use Second Life for new product or service decision making? Companies use second life which includes meeting with the sales manager, discussing about new sales techniques, building a new world where members of second life talk together about product or services and testing the new designs for new product or service before it is released to the world. Thus by taking feedback from all members companies take decisions. . How could financial companies use neural networks in Second Life to help their businesses? Neutral networks are those which involve in pattern or image recognition. This helps companies to get the required information for processing in second life. 3. How could a company such as Nike use decision support systems on Second Life to help its business? Nike uses decision support system (DSS) for information that helps to take decision. But DSS has three main models in it. They are: -Sensitivity: observe changes when variable is changed -What- if? checked what is the impact if variable changed -Goal seeking: seeking to reach goal by making changes. 4. How could an apparel company use Second Life to build a digital dashboard to monitor virtual operations? Apparel uses second life in digital dashboard to monitor virtual operations as it tracks everything in the store which includes number of customers, time spent, items purchased etc. Company also gave a special offer to the second life residents that they get promotional cards if they are shopping in inline-world apparel. Describe how the DoD is using AI to improve its operations and save lives. By using AI the DoD is able to make operations like resupply missions more efficient because human drivers and troops to protect the supply line aren’t needed. AI would also be able to perform dangerous missions without endangering troops. 2. Explain why the DoD would use an event, such as the DARPA Grand Challenge, to further technological innovation. The DARPA Grand Challenge produces lots of different ideas from diverse sources which will produce more efficient technology. The contest is also at a relatively low cost to the DoD because it would cost more than $2 million dollars to produce and test so many models on their own. 3. Describe how autonomous vehicles could be used by organizations around the world to improve business efficiency and effectiveness. If businesses were able to transport their goods without human transportation controllers it would cut costs and eliminate some of the risks from human error. 4. The Ansari X is another technological innovation competition focusing on spacecraft.

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