Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Operation managment Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Operation managment - Assignment Example The Company’s commitment to sound and long-term perfection in their products and processes is at the core of their strategy. In order to achieve this, the company consistently works to improve the overall quality of their design, managerial, industrialized and support structures in place (Barnes, 2008). Human resource is the most significant resource at Boeing Company since it is the work force, who undertakes the immense task of building and designing products on offer to their clients. To achieve this, the company combines skills, communications, training, management and environment. This combination enables their employees to achieve the needed gains in productivity and quality in line with the company’s goals. The company as part of its strategy to help achieve long-range goals inculcates careful selection of managers, proper training and team spirit. Competition between these manufacturers of long-range or large standard passenger aircrafts has recently reached at the highest level. Five years ago, Airbus overtook Boeing to be number one and this was because of its accomplishments in middle capacity Airbus A-330 as well as its shorter-range division like the A-340. , Boeing’s overall revenues in 2004 overtook of Airbus. This emanated from Boeing’s profit gains in supplementary activities that include among others; services rendered to defense, martial aerospace and space dealings. With Airbus Company launching A380, the market share is likely to be altered though; Boeing Company will salvage its market share from the new model of 7E7, Dream liner-taking competition to a completely new level (Mahadevan, 2009). The Company employs geographic regions as its basis of segmentation. On this basis, Europe and North America are anticipated to experience growth and continuously increase in their airplane purchases resulting from the large economies of scales currently enjoyed in these regions. Asia pacific regions are equally

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