Thursday, August 8, 2019

Benefits of exercising Annotated Bibliography Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Benefits of exercising - Annotated Bibliography Example Philpott, Houghton and Luke used available information on exercise science to create a listing of several common childhood ailments and the specific risks and benefits of physical activity related to each of those conditions, in an attempt to provide guidelines for increasing overall health and fitness in children with those illnesses. The authors of this paper are clinical pediatricians, and they are writing for others who practice pediatric medicine. This paper will help me to compare the risks associated with exercise in someone with other medical conditions, so I can better determine whether those individuals will benefit from exercise. Borjesson and a group of other researchers from the Sahlgrenska Academy Department of Medicine used the existing body of knowledge for older adults, as well as their personal experience as medical practitioners and researchers, to develop assessment models for exercise in those older adults. Exercise in middle-aged adults is linked to better cardiovascular health, but at high intensity is also linked to sudden death through cardiac arrest. Due to this, Borjesson and his group wrote this paper for other practitioners to assess their patients, as well as to provide an assessment model to be given to the general public to help with self-assessment for the potential risks of exercise. This paper will help me to compare the risks of exercise to the potential benefits and determine who will gain the most from exercise and who should be limiting their physical activity for optimal health.

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