Monday, August 26, 2019

S5W10DQs Responses Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

S5W10DQs Responses - Assignment Example Ideally, political unrest in the nation had made the nation intolerable to the population hence giving no room for economic practices. However, this changed with the war on security insurgency in Afghanistan that made Islamist militia flee southwards where they have found safe zones. In this regard, the de facto plan was timely as it enabled the US to control the re-emergence of extremist movement that had halted the growth of this Islamic nation (Rogriguez, 2011). Therefore, concerted efforts on the Taliban and the remaining Al-Qaeda extremists was timely as this gave prospects of potential economic development since the US military had recaptured the Afghan territory (Hart, 2012). On the contrary, the strategy has impediments to which the likelihood of success dwindles because of these facts. For one, the Afghan government headed by Hamid Karzai is the greatest hurdle toward the realization of progressiveness for the nation because of corruption (Hart, 2012). This means that part of his government may support the activities of the Al-Qaeda by accepting bribes from the heavily funded network hence thwarting efforts of the US army in flushing the extremists out. Secondly, possible withdrawal by the US troops in the nation after their time line expires would mean that the strategy would most likely fail. In essence, the possibility of this occurrence will heighten especially when the troops will not have completed training the Afghanistan military troops on how keep the extremists at bay. This would in turn make the nation return to terrorist captivity hence gagging all economic related activities. Essentially, the US used the de facto partitioning strategy as a way of preventing future terrorist attacks on the US soil hence applying all possible mechanisms to achieve success for the plan (Press Secretary, 2009). On the contrary, the US agreed that the strategy would be costly for the US,

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