Sunday, August 25, 2019

Gerontology Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Gerontology - Essay Example It means that, that reliance becomes a way of finessing ethical decision making among professionals and therefore excusing what might a violation of ethics by asserting that there is no definitive standard that has been violated. In gerontology, ethical decision-making, mentoring relationships and ethical behavior is clearly more than just following of minimal law and ethical codes (Hooyman & Kiyak, 2008). It means that, for an instant; in mentoring relationships, one has to be continuously aware that some actions done by a gerontologist may be wrong irrespective of whether the law was broken or code violated. However, it is of much value that one considers professional code of ethics since they might apply during the mentoring of a gerontologist. Codes of ethics for professional gerontologists are the principles and ethical standards that depict the responsibilities and professional conduct of gerontologists. The principles are used to guide a gerontologist while performing their everyday activities and in case issues arise in their professional work. Professional competence is one key principle that gerontologists should observe while working (Wiersman & Dupuis, 2007). A gerontologist should distinguish the limitations that exist in their multidisciplinary expertise and should, therefore, undertake tasks that they are qualified in relation to their training, education and experience. In order to maintain competence at work, gerontologist will continue with their education. Competencies include skill, attitude, knowledge, behavior and judgment of a gerontologist. It is vital for a professional to recognize that most behaviors have cultural meaning; therefore, one needs to view the behavior within contextual issues of the pat ient (Hinrichsen, 2006). One should be able to recognize the communication changes that affect older adults in their care and formulate strategies that will meet the need of the patient for optimum communication

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