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Choose a favorite piece of music Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Choose a favorite piece of music - Term Paper Example However, the harmony that generates from the two music forms is almost similar since they both have same chords those progresses at the same rate due to the nature of tone that comes from each of their rhythmic beats. Though the two types of music may show variation in their consonance and dissonance, their texture but may either be monophonic, polyphonic or homophonic. In this instance, blues and classic music present difference in their forms such as binary, ternary, and the strophic (Handy, W.C et al, 43) Nevertheless, rhythm in all these two music forms is just but their element of the item. For instance, in any case there is tapping of one’s foot to the music, there is the act of â€Å"keeping the beat’’ or following the structural rhythmic pulse of the music. Other aspects of rhythm are the duration that defines the tone when music plays. For instance, blues do take longer than classic music in most of the occasions. Tempo that is the beat rate of any particular music also falls into the rhythm. When compared, classic music does have a high tempo than blues since their beat rates are always faster (Handy, W.C et al, 52). On the other hand, meter defines the pattern of organization of beats recurring in music. Meters are either, duplex that occurs in two pulses per group, triples occurring in three pulses per group or quadruple that takes place in four pulses per group. In relation to blues and classic music, blues do have well-defined meters than classical types. The reason is that their beats are more organized in a systematic pattern of play that goes slowly and soothes the mind. The classic types look more disorganized in their beat rates and also are rough and noisy in their nature. The beat rates are so faster such that they don’t even facilitate the relaxation of an individual’s mind in most of the occasions (Handy, W.C et al, 66) Blues types of music trace their way back from the spirituals. Initially, spirituals formed the

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