Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Movie comparison Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Comparison - Movie Review Example ew just Kung Fu but the army against which he was fighting was provided with latest weapons of that time so he tried to discover new techniques to beat this army (IMDb, 2014). This movie is based on the biography of Ip Man who was the legendary martial arts trainer and he was the man who trained the martial art legend Bruce Lee. The director took extreme care of the cinematography and the role of the hero was played superbly by Tony Chiu Wai Leung, the movies did not just revolve around martial arts tactics but also there is a family of the hero which he lost during the invasion of his country by the Japanese, then he settled in Hong Kong The fight scenes in this film are epic and especially the fight between the hero and the heroin is really entertaining (Zacharek, 2013). In this movie the director Wong has succeeded in extracting the best from the hero as well as the heroin, the costume designing as well as the cinematography is superb which make this film nominated for two academy awards this year in both of these categories. The movie is such a success in itself that it makes you forget the pathetic movie â€Å"My Blueberry Nights† which was the directorial debut of the director (Musetto, 2013). This is a film based mainly on the kung fu fighting and it is the biography of the legendary Ip man who was a great kung fu master and also the teacher of legendary Bruce Lee. Tony lung has done the justice with his role of Ip man, the movie is set in the middle of 1930s in china when Ip man is chosen to take the role of successor of the grandmaster Gong Baosen, the only individual who can beat Ip man is the daughter of the grandmaster â€Å"Gong Er† but she was a female so she cannot be the Grandmaster so in fighting with Ip man they both fall in love with each other so this movie is mainly based on kung fu and a lot of fighting sequences with a tinge of romance between the Ip man and Gong Er. Tony Leung, who has played the major roles in Wong’s multiple projects

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