Friday, September 27, 2019

Nielsen Media Research Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words - 1

Nielsen Media Research - Case Study Example n this paper the author will present different issues that are affecting Nelson Media and forecast on their success story, as well as areas where they need to improve. The different factors of management are looked into and the possible ways of improvement are found out too. There are a lot of environmental considerations that affect Nielsen Media performance. Some of the environmental factors are competition and customer confidence. Customer confidence affects the number of clients that the company has, while competition also affects the profit made by the company. To be able to overcome these issues, the company has to improve the quality of its services which starts with changes in management and the general change in their workforce. When estimating the number of people who watch a show, the company may at times be forced to intrude the privacy of people. For example, in order to know the family members who are watching movie at some particular time, the company has to know what exactly is being shown and who is watching the movie and who is not. This enables them to get confidential information that should not be available to the general public; it is one of the ethical issues that arise for the company consideration. This is avoided by keeping all the clients’ information confidential. The primary issue in this case is the spreading of all the clients’ information across many databases. The complete picture of the client is not achieved; his/her needs are not met by the company. There was no information about the participants of the communication in this system. The main contextualizing environmental factors are time and weather conditions. The factors that affect the level of ethical choices are the manager, the organization, and the stage of moral development. The manager is the one who has to make important decision with respect to the company. The criteria for finding the ethical decision can be used here to find out if indeed the decisions that

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