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Person essay Essay Example for Free

Person essay Essay The Most Important Person in my Life We all have someone that is really important to us, someone that has influenced us in our lifetime at some time or another and thanks to that person we are the person we are today. In my case that someone is my mother. My mother is really important to me because thanks to her I exist today, she gave me life .My mother is my best friend, my confident, she is the person that I trust the most in my life . I consider my mother as the most important person in my life because she has always been there for me, gave me all the things that I needed to keep going following my dreams. She is such of a good mother. I love my mother, even though we fight sometimes, I can’t live without her, she is my role model. My mother is a hardworking, supportive, friendly and caring person. My mother is a beautiful woman. She is the youngest of six siblings, she is forty years old. She has light brown skin and is about five feet six inches and 160 pounds. She has black short curly hair, which sometimes she straightens, but she usually keeps it curly. Her eyes are dark brown, like coffee. She has beautiful white teeth which shine when she smiles. On her face she has some freckles. Her eyebrows are black and she likes to shape them square .She also has her ear pierced. My mother wears jeans and blouses most of the time, she is very simple . On Sunday night you would see my mother sitting on the sofa watching T.V. When you first see my mother you will think that she is shy or isn’t a friendly person because of her character, but after you talk to her and know her well you will notice that she is a lovely person, funny, and nice person. On a Saturday morning you would see my mother getting ready to go the church, she usually wears long dress, or a long skirt with jacket, and she is very elegant. My mother is a hardworking woman. She has always worked in order to bring money to our house and to give my little brother and me a better life. She also work hard at home, she always makes sure that everything is okay in our house, she likes to have everything organized. I remember that when I was ten years old , my father moved to the United States in order to find a better way of life, leaving my mother , my brother and me in our country ,the Dominican Republic. After my father left home my mother had to do both roles, be the man and woman. She learned how to fix things at home, so she didn’t have to call someone else to do it. At  first when my father arrived here in the USA he didn’t have a job, so at that moment my mother was the only one that was working and bringing money to our house, but it wasn’t enough to support us. My mother was working in a company, but she didn’t receive a good pay, that’s why she decided to have two jobs. It wasn’t easy for my mother having two jobs, plus she had to do everything at home. I remember that she woke up every day early in the morning in order to prepare something to eat for my little brother and me, and then she had to get ready to work at her first job. After m y mother finished a job, she had to go to the other one, and then when she really ended up working she used to go home to help my brother and me with our homework. I don’t know how she was able to do so many things at the same time, but she did .She always tried to give us a good life. Nowadays, I see my mother, and I feel very proud of her. She taught me that nothing is easy in life that we have to work hard to get the things that we want. Sometimes I feel tired because I work and study at the same time , and sometimes I think that I can’t continue doing this and then I think about my mother, how hard she used to work and never gave up. She is my inspiration and role model. My mother is such a hardworking woman, this is one the qualities that I most admire about her. How nice it is having someone that supports you in every decision that you make in life. No matter what, every time that I need my mother’s support, she is always there for me. Most of the time when I have to make an important decision in my life, I talk to my mother before doing it. I remember that when I started working and studying at the same time, I felt like it was too much for me , because I was working and studying full time. At that moment I did not what to do because I really needed a job to help my mother to pay the bills , but I also wanted to continues my studies in order to have a better life. So one day I decided to talk to my mother about my situation. â€Å"Mommy I feel that working full and being a full time student is too much for me.† â€Å"So, what do you want to do?† She asked me. â€Å"I am thinking to leave my Job.† I replied. â€Å"Dawilsa whatever you think that is the best for you or you want to do, I support you.† She said. After I talked to my mother, I decided to just cut some hours in my job and work part time, so in that way  I would have more time to study, and do my homework on time. Thanks to my mother’s support I got good grades, and I felt most comfortable. I also remember that when I was about twelve years old my dream was to become a famous and professional dancer. So since I knew that my mother supports me in any decision that I make in life I talked to her about it. â€Å"Mom Do you know what is my biggest dream in life?† I asked her. â€Å"Yes, to become a famous dancer has always been your dream.† She replied. â€Å"Mom, Can I go to the dancer school that is in my school?† I insisted. â€Å"Sure, you can go to the dancer school anytime, that’s your dream and I support you. â€Å"She replied. After I talked to my mother I was jumping of happiness because she said yes. Few days later I started taking dance class. I felt so happy because one my dreams was starting to become true. I took one year of class on that dancer school , and then I had to leave it because I was too busy on school with my homework and did have enough time to go the dancer school .So since education comes first I decided to leave the dancer school. My mother is my support, she is like my right hand. My mother is very friendly. My mother has always been friendly with everybody, that’s why she knows a lot of people. It’s nice to be a friendly person because you have a lot of friends and you are also appreciated by other people. When I was a kid I didn’t like to go to the supermarket with my mother because she always found someone that she knew and then stop to talk with that person for a while. Even though I don’t like when I am with my mother and she stops to talk to everybody, it is always good to meet people from everywhere. I remember that one day before coming here I needed a paper from high school in order to be able to register in college, so my mother and I went to the school’s office. When we went and told the secretary what we needed she told us that to get that paper done would take a while. I really needed it right away because I was coming to the USA the day after. After a few minutes talking with the secretary, the manager arrived and since my mother knew him he came and helped us with the paper. Thanks to my mother I learned to be a friendly person and everywhere that I go I know many people. Being friendly is one the qualities that I most like about my mother. It helps to know people. Caring is part of my mother’s personality. It’s like she was born with this quality. My mother always takes care of my  father, my little brother and me. She is always asking me how I am doing in school or in my job. I remember few years ago, I was in the hospital because I was really sick .I stayed at the hospital for a whole week. My mother took vacation from her job because she wanted to stay with me, taking care of me, and making sure that I had everything that need. At that moment my mother showed me that she really care about me and how important I was to her. My mother is always up to me when I need an advice .When I am sad I go to see her and she gives me a hug and good advices and makes me feel much better. When I am sick she gives me medicine and everything that I need to get better .My mother is such blessing in my life. She is always ready to pour out her unconditional caring love to me and those around her. Being hardworking, supportive, friendly and caring are only a few of the attributes that I have learned from my mother. She taught me how to get things in life ,to keep going, it doesn’t matter what happens and never to give up .But ,one the most important things she taught me is how to be a good person. I love my mother, and I am more than proud to say that she is my mother. She has been a huge influence in my life, I will never finish paying and thanking my mother for all the things that she has done for me. Mommy, you are my role model.

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